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Rhyderian Civil War

The Conflict


After the Cataclysm at the end of the Dark Age the people who survived the purge were, with aid from the factions that took no part in the hunting of dragons and thus survived began to rebuild. During the rebuilding process they began to learn the truth of what transpired, all the death and destruction was brought upon them by the actions of the old leadership, the Sultans. When some elements sought to restore the power of the dragon hunters it sparked a civil war.


There were two large battlefields and many small skirmishes with many not even being known about as forces simply did not return to report on it.   The Battle of Fort Arvala: A cult of Raxanis allied with the Sultan forces determined to raise an army of the dead and demons to help take control of the world now that it was weakened. Combined forces of the Rhyderian Knightly orders as well as a militia stormed the old Fort and killed the cultists, and used the Fort as a base.   The Battle of the Ozari Dam: One of the more important battles took place on the Dam to Norvasul which was the seat of the new Rhyderia, cultists, and followers of the Sultan sought to destroy the dam to cut off access to Norvasul and cause damage down the rivers the dam fed into. This battle was decided by the intervention of the to-be founders of the Adventurer's guild.


The Cult of Raxanis and the Sultans were destroyed, or at the very least weakened to being a non threat.


The long term effects are still being developed, but the Kingdom of Rhyderia now exists in an attempt to capture the legends of the Ozari. They stand as a force of justice and good in the world.

Historical Significance


The civil war is remembered as it was not very long ago that it happened, most families still venerate those who fought in the war and those who died to free the country from the influence of vile tyrants bent on the subjugation of the world. Rhyderia especially guards against such tyranny policing itself with the use of a single king and several province leaders.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
1 3A
Ending Date
20 3A
Conflict Result
The Rhyderian Empire was formed


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