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Tiny Fury vs. Giant Overlords

Oddny Goodgirdle didn't mean to start a revolution. She just wanted to save her wife's life.
During the Age of the Placid Orbs, the Halflings and Gnomes of today's Northern Knolls were under the subjection of the giants who ruled the hills. It was a cruel rule, with the giants treating the small folk as little more than animals. Beyond the duties the small folk had to do to keep the giants fed, comfortable, and happy, they also forced them to participate in cruel games for their pleasure.   One such game, The Hunt, randomly chose halflings and gnomes to be thrown into a pit. Once thrown into the pit, the Giants would attack. The Hunt was believed to harken back to the days before the giants lived in relative comfort. Before their every meal was hunted by their small slaves. There was no winning in The Hunt. There was no escaping the Hunt. The Hunt only ended when all small folk were eaten. The game happened weekly and the Royal Giant family would look on in amusement. As tribute, the Giants who participated would bring back the head of their meals for the Royal Snack.  
The Mother
  Oddny Goodgirdle was the head cook for the King when her wife, Elanora was chosen for The Hunt. Despite her decades of loyal service to the Giant Nobility, they never even bothered to learn her name, much less that she had a family. Oddny's daughter, Inny, approached her with the poison.   Under normal circumstances, Oddny would not dare harm her Giant Overlords. In her mind, their size gave them the right to rule over the small folk. Besides, they could never defeat such a menacing race. But she was desperate. Prepared to do anything to save her wife. And so she agreed with her daughter's plan. The Giant Nobility -- so confident in their absolute rule. So disparaging of the Folk they treated like animals -- had never even bothered to employ a poison taster.   And so, it was just before the unlucky participants of that week's Hunt were to be dropped into the Pit that King Isak Ogsak dropped dead. The square was in a panic. The participants escaped. And Oddny was reunited with her wife.  
The Daughter
This is where the story of Oddny Goodgriddle ends. But it was only beginning for her daughter. Unbeknowst to Oddny, Inny was a prominent member of the underground they literally met underground organization known as Tiny Fury. Tiny Fury's aim was to overthrow the Giant Kingdom, throw off the shackles of slavery, and create a self-governing country.   It was when King Isak and the other members of the Giant Nobility began to drop dead that the Tiny Fury revealed themselves. Attacking first the giants who were preparing to jump into the pits. The experience the gnomes and halflings had of felling wild beasts much larger than them aided in their battle tactics. As did the slow-moving actions of the giants. Tiny Fury's bravery compelled others to pick up their hunting weapons and use them to hunt the giants instead.
  Over the course of a week, all the giants were either dead or had retreated in the outer reaches of the hills. As the halflings and gnomes so outnumbered them, the Giants knew they would need time to rebuild their numbers. The war between the small folk and the Hill Giants did not end during that chaotic week. However, it was the beginning of the Northern Knolls Democracy.
Oddny Goodgirdle
Her love spawned a revolution
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Founding of the Northern Knolls Democracy

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