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Red Desert War

The sun darkened, a war between two cities. A battle no one can win. Red sand marking the graves, and tears shed.
— White Raven Quill

What happened before

There were two nomadic tribes in the red sand desert, each off them occupied one oasis. But the two tribes were always at war, thinking that the oasis of the other tribe was greener and larger than their own.

Love at first site

by Free-Photos

From the two tribes, a young man and woman met just outside the deserts, and they fell in love. They kept meeting each other in a dark cave. One day they were found out by a man of the woman's tribe. This man was secret in love with the woman himself, the other man dragged the woman out of the cave. Which infuriated the lover, and he followed them, trying to free his beloved. But when they came close to the woman's camp, he was shot and mortally wounded. He found his way to his own tribe, but died on the border.

Declaration of war

It didn't help that the man was the son off the tribe leader. When he got wind of his son's death, he imminently declared war. This was done by sending a rider out who carried a black and red flag.

by Heroforge by Nathalia Books


The woman was branded a traitor and was condemned to die on a fire pile, but before she was put on there she needed to be tested. The test revealed that she was pregnant of the man's child.

Different horses

The tribes are using horses for everything. For travel and warfare. Both tribes use the same type of horses, the only difference is the colors of their banners.

Striped horse

The Striped horses are only being ridding by the tribe leaders and their direct family.

Light brown horse

The light brown horses are ridden by the high officials in the tribes.

Dark brown horse

The dark horses were ridden by the rest of the tribe men and women

The battle

The whole war existed out off one battle, 500 men and women on both sides met in the middle of the deserts near the cave where the lovers once met. The battle was bloody and swift, not one of the riders survived the battle, even the horses laid dead next to their riders.

After the battle

The woman pregnant with the man's child called the remaining riders of the tribes together and the left the desert. Who was now tainted with the blood of their loved once. When the emperor got wind off this battle, he forbid the declaring of wars. When there was a problem, the tribe leaders needed to come to him, and he will try to resolve the matter. Over the years, the desert drew back and became slowly green. The graves of the fallen however are still visible, as red sandy hills called Bloody Hills.

Soldiers going in

400 men and 100 women

Soldiers coming out

0 men and 0 women

Mythica is the third part of Carminba, here the myths of antiquity come to life. Just in a different coat. The Nameless Fate is heavier here than anywhere else. But this does not stifle other forms of faith to provide their followers with wisdom.   (The cities don't have names yet, the names will come during summer camp)

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