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Miracle Springs


The Miracle Springs is the most well known bathhouse. It is build on top of a magma bubble, what is warming the waters of the five baths. There are two baths for women and childeren and two for men. The last bath, the Cheetah bath, is the reason this bathhouse is so famous.  

Hot water

It is wildly known that hot and clean water cures many skin problems, and keeping clean also keeps many other illnesses away. So it's good as a cure and prevention.



The villager of Fontez founded this town, because it was near a mountain river. But soon after that, the founders found out that there were small lakes just under the surface. These lakes were filled with hot water. So they build a large building over the five lakes, and named it Miracle Springs. The five lakes were divided between man and woman.


The front of the bathhouse is in the same style as the other buildings around it. Build with Oil Stone, right behind the Dark chestnut doors are the baths. The door on the left is for women and the right for men. Dressing rooms are near the baths. The walls and ceiling are decorated with mosaic and wall paintings of various plants and animals. On the floor are tiles made from oil stone. In the dressing rooms are dark chestnut benches where people can sit down when they undress. For those who don't trust that others stay away from their belongings, there are wooden cabinets with a lock on it. The key for that is on a simple neckless of rope. So humans can hang that around their neck. On the water of the bath are floating little candles in the shape of a Lotus flower, under the candle hangs a bundle of herbs that produce a pleasant smell.

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Cheetah Bath

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The Cheetah bath came later than the other baths. On both sides of the building is a door that lead to this bath. But only with the help of the bathhouse personal can this bath be accessed. This bath is only accessible for humans who contracted the Mystic Cough, a strange illness that can be cured by a combination of hot water and Dark Chestnut Ash. After the humans who took this bath, the whole room is cleaned with the same blend. It is called the Cheetah bath because of the two statues of Cheetahs who were donated to the bathhouse. After the sculptor attracted the illness and was healed by taking regular baths.


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