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Dark Chestnut Ash

The Mystic Cough is an illness coursed by airborne bacteria. The human who contracted this illness are first coughing. A week after contracting, the coughing becomes more persistent. Two weeks, the person coughed up blood. In a month after contracted, the person is death.


A doctor who lost his family, including his childeren, to this illness spent the rest of his life finding a cure. He almost off old age before he knocked over a jar filled with chestnut Ash. The dark gray dust fell in a pot of boiling water, what was meant for a bath for his housekeeper who contracted the illness. Without noticing the strange wooden smell, he poured the water in the tub and left the room for an hour. When he came back, his housekeeper told him that she was feeling much better. He then noticed the knocked over jar. The next day, he sprinkled the ash again in the water. And again the woman told him that she could breathe freely. After a week of repetition, the woman was cured.

by thefairypath


by thefairypath

After discovery of the main ingredient, the doctor added more herbs to the ash. Herbs like thyme, lavender and menthol. To speed up the progress of healing. Now a person can be cured after two baths of an hour.


The doctor wished that everybody can use this medicine. But the only problem was the hot water. There were of course bathhouses, but not every bathhouse wanted to have sick people over. Only the Miracle Springs had time, space and the good heart to open its doors. People can take a Dark Chestnut Ash bath for 20 copper pieces, and even if they can't afford that. The Bathhouse always looks for a solution.


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