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Iron street


The Iron Street is a mountain range that divides two nations. The nation of Mythica and Ariabon . In the mountains are many roads that are going through the mountains. There are also mines where iron ore is excavated, those mines are connected by these roads.


The rain stays more on the side of Mythica, which means that Ariabon is very dry. This is the only place on the side of Ariabon that water flows down instead of up.

Natural Resources

Iron ore and white Oil Stone
Mythica is the third part of Carminba, here the myths of antiquity come to life. Just in a different coat. The Nameless Fate is heavier here than anywhere else. But this does not stifle other forms of faith to provide their followers with wisdom.   (The cities don't have names yet, the names will come during summer camp)
Mountain Range

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