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The War For the Spark

An ancient uprising formed by the fire blank goddess, Zani, founder of the Ignis_Court and mother of all fire Jötunaar following the discovery of the spark. The spark was an ancient remnant of Eon's power of creation, a by-product of his creation efforts of the cosmic orrery. This discovery during the fifth millennia by Zani presented such power to the jötunaar courts that the patron deity of the Nebula_Court, Atara, Herald of the living storm, requisitioned (by force) the spark for her possession. After this theft there was uproar from the jötunaar deities Astus, Ildmal, Izran, Vaand and Zani, the brothers and sisters of Atara. The true start of this uprising was the night Zani stole the artefact back from blank for safekeeping, in her own realm of flame, Eazujian, within the Jötunaar realm of Ogiathis. Harnessing the power of the spark, Zani tore the plane asunder, wrenching Eazujian into its own demi-plane, sealing it from outside intrusion. She then set to work on the creation of her own forces to defend the spark and her domain. These were the Jötunaar of fire. Seeing this act of aggression, her brothers and sisters followed suit, with Atara creating the storm jötunaar, Izran creating the stone jötunaar, Ildmal with her frost jötunaar, Vaand with his cloud jötunaar and finally Astus and his solar jötunaar. This is how the jötunaar were born, a force for military prowess among other traits their deities possess. These millions of newly formed beings heralded the beginning of a conflict that would rage across the orrery for centuries to come, with 10s of millions losing their lives in the process, as wave over wave of infantry and heavy units were launched towards the now demi-realm of Eazujian only to find themselves bested by the magic of the spark used to protect the plane of existence. The war would be ended when the ruler of the Solis_Court, Astus, tired of the fighting and bloodshed, made a dash for the spark, grasping it in his bare hands and tearing the mass into pieces. These pieces were six shards, each with part of the power of the spark. These would be distributed into one weapon for each deity, dividing the primordial energies equally amongst all of them, as Eon intended.
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