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Meaning Festival

File imported from Yaeyhi History Records.

After almost 713 years as Yaey colony and 98% of their culture gone—including our language and the original names of any of their former countries—Yaeyhi's people found freedom in a battle of less than five hours.
Circumstances had changed. Yaey soldiers weren't prepared for an uprising. Yaey's leaders were caught to drunk to react. But, most important: Yaeyhi had resources that didn't have before.

The Conflict


It was like an appearance of the Ancestral witches... a particularly young one.
She asked for directions, just like they all asked for a favor in the stories. Unlike them, she gave her name, and show her face.
It turned out she wasn't an spirit at all, just a girl that had travel from a distant world called Dhha. A world that didn't belong to Yaey, but had been hurt by war recently. She and her friends had just stopped the war and they wanted to share they peace and harmony ideas to every world they could reach. Starting for the worlds in our planet. She talked about planes, kind leaders and other impossible things.
When she brought her friends, they had even crazier ideas. Tools and weapons that even Yaey didn't have. Magic that their ancestors didn't know. And the freedom that, at the moment, only violence could buy.


Several local leaders, that understood Yaey rulers and knew how to manipulate designed a strategy and the best points to locate weapons and fighters to attack the whole government at the same time. They got help from one of the travelers from Dhha, but she did little more than take notes and point out possible faults in their plans, while her brother—totally against the uprising—did his best to minimize the number of casualties.
Some of the weapons where smuggled from Dhha by traveling magic. Other were build in the Yaey's city, right under the noses of the envoys and accountants from the ruling world, and hide in inconspicuous places.
People who claimed to be descendants of Ancestral Witches and those who weren't physically fit to fight, studied the spells used by the old warrior tribes in Dhha.

The Engagement

In the middle of one of the Yaey imposed festivals a boy, not older than fifteen, presented a letter to the Voice of Yaey, who was obviously pleased with that show of respect, something that Yaeyhi often refused to do. The woman read it aloud, a small recount of how Yaey had proved stronger than Yaehi and spared their lives and gave them new beliefs, leaders and rules, despite their persistent resentment every parent taught to their children. And, in the end, quick as the spell that ended the Voice life, a death sentence for the invaders: For Yaey, hi is just an ordinal prefix, but for us it means "is not welcomed here".
There was no time for the Yaey representatives and soldiers to feel insulted. They were under attack. Unlike the politicians, the majority of the soldiers were alert, but they were still took by surprise. And they didn't know the Yaeyhi were still able to use magic, a resource they hadn't used as a weapon in the past. But they recover for their surprised and defended their leaders.
Some of the yaeyhi fighters were particularly destructive—specially the magic wielders, lacking the knowledge to control their own power—, and the Dhha warriors soon resigned to let them be instead of trying to lead them.
Not much after midnight, the battle had turned into slaughter. And the free thinkers from Dhha didn't know how to stop it. The alien warriors stepped aside solemnly reciting "Blood of innocents must be repaid".


The corpses where sent back to Yaey in the morning ship, instead of the expected tribute. There was also a warning to never come back. As soon as the ship left, the port was destroyed as well as any mean of communication with Yaey.
Despite the warnings of Dhha's travelers, they celebrated like that was the end of the problem. The local leaders of Yaeyhi became the official government, and they soon redistributed the goods held in Yaey's storage facilities.
While the news spread to the rest of Yaeyhi, the few Yaey's soldiers and accountants that weren't in the city for the festival were executed—unless a free thinker found them first and used magic to sent them to Yaey.


Yaeyhi' leaders didn't totally ignore travelers advise. They prepared for retaliation, building the greatest army in all this plane. But Yaey answer never came.
The rules and structure forced by the Yaey envoys continued to work. The same system that seemed to be a failure before became efficient now that the leaders where working to increase production instead of hiding it, and the goal was to provide for everyone instead of sending most goods to Yaey.

Historical Significance


Our ancestors never recover what was lost in the invasion. Instead, they build a new culture using few stories that had survived from our past, the morals of Dhha, and the production and politic systems implemented by Yaey.
Yaey's history describe us as cruel, ungrateful murderers. Refusing to join the "Yaey's Layer Confederation" not that Yaey is no longer an empire, and having the deadliest army in the plane, is not the best way to prove otherwise. But we don't care.
We had been taught to appreciate independence just like our ancestors were taught to secretly hate the invaders.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
19-10-1906 of Discovery
Ending Date
20-10-1906 of Discovery
Conflict Result
Every soldier, envoy and accountant from Yaey was killed.
The night of the crows
Popular Yaey movie that focuses in the suffering of the relatives of those killed in the battle (all from Yaey, as some of their history books say).

It starts with a longer, terrifying version of the message brought with the bodies, and ends with a sentence from the the discourse of (Yaey's) President Agar in 1908 of discovery: "We had raised enemies for too long, it's time to change our ways".
When Yaeyhi was born...
A tradition held by several families and in Yaeyhi, consisting in telling the story of that battle, as their ancestors lived it or heard about first.

The custom is to use it like a story to sleep that starts with a description of what one or more of their ancestors were doing when the battle occurred, but there are plenty of variations.
Dangerous words. Chapter#98: Freedom
The book of Dangerous Words is a sacred text from the Dhha's warriors tribes, used to teach apprentices about the unexpected and often uncontrollable results of powerfull spells.

Freedom is the first word described in this book that is not a spell. The Unnamed Rulers included this chapter, detailing how an offering of freedom as a peaceful way of living caused a slaughter and turned the weak into a dangerous entity.

The hate against Yaey died with those representatives, and the Yaehi's army is not used for ill purposes, but the price was still high: lost innocence, orphans, distrust and a bloody peace that represents everything the Unnamed Rulers fought against, and all started with their well-intentioned offer of Freedom.


Yaeyhi's first army

Led by


2718 people
including 1025 witches (and wizards)




Yaey City

Led by


1218 soldiers
105 politicians




To keep control on Yaeyhi
Dhha's Unnamed Rulers

Led by


15 Warriors
12 Free Thinkers
1 Pacifist




Independence for Yaeyhi

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