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The Secloran Civil War

Some things explode and others simmer. If you watch the pot closely from far enough away you can see the patterns emerge. Do you see the ripples? Is the powder keg not apparent? Where does the pressure build and where will it blow? For those with the eye, surely know.

The Straw

Deep within Báisaisling Foraois stands a misshapen grove of Déntromediun cursed for all time by the wrath of the great queen. None but those with the vision could ever forsee the tiny domino of a nothing Halfling named Hunøks succumbing to Lignification within Ganfuaim Garrán being the breaking point. Yet there she was, still, waxen, motionless in the very thicket where Sturla Snorrason wrote Legenden om Evig Liv with his fabled Coffee Quill   The nerves of her Lumberheg quickly broke despite its heavy training. For miles it scurried beneath the surface of Ölütanrı to its nearest kin. With desperate cries it called the others to the wooden corpse of Hunøks. The Tømmerhugger stopped harvesting Lumber to follow the screeches of their enslaved beastly peers. Together they brought Hunøks to Abhainn Adhmaid to float her downriver to Litenåsby. Upon arrival at the settlement's flour mill, her father Rødhåret Pottemør was rapidly summoned. Without hestitation he abandoned his post to save his only daughter. Straining with all his might, he dragged her to Botháin Cneasaí, the home of the local healer Airmid Cneasaí. Airmid's secret talents led her to discover the process of Delignification as she focused on the needs of another instead of refilling Pota Leighis Iomlán with her nightly tears.   With little patience Airmid Cneasaí sent out a plea to Andubh despite it being Brightfire. And yet she was heard - the Half Blood Elf brothers, Baardrode and Greg Lord set out from their leisurely respite in Kinhambe to deliver lead oxide from Meascthóir Mianach per her request. Upon her recovery, the Púcaling within Hunøks rose to its full potential.

That Broke

Never since the initial provocation of Menestad by Dverghjem, Helsoynes, and Hogeve via the Barnema Trade Company and Erklæring om Rimelig Fordel was an stage for violence ever so primed. Enough was enough. Halfling and their sympathizaers Les Petits Arbustes encouraged the locals of all Seclora to raid their local Marché de Mur and arm themselves.

The Back of a Nation

Over 4,000 dead. We've lost at least four major vessels along Tjenerenssjøvei. It has been weeks since we've heard news from anywhere west of Botvik.

— New Agent of Speciale Veiligheidstroepen to Aanvoerder Usselincx the day after their Hetnemen

From Litenåsby, rebellion spread. The first civil war of Seclora has begun.
Conflict Type

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