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Isaiah Versus Purgatory

The most recent skirmish over Purgatory happened between the people of Purgatory and Isaiah, a local gang leader who was running underground in Egomont before it was taken over by Moon. Isaiah attempted the uprising to overthrow Ruthren the Reaper from her place as leader of Purgatory but it failed, ending in his own public death in front of the people he had betrayed.

The Conflict


Isaiah started his rebellion by starting a few issues in Egomont that drew the attention of the Purgatory mercenaries, especially as he was causing issues in the market district where they protect. He ended up sending a letter to Ruthren The Reaper and asking her to meet him in the fighting pit, run by Baeek. This turned out to be a trap as his forces were sent to Purgatory who were unaware of the incoming uprising.


Isaiah's men were defeated at the fighting pit in Egomont and Ruthren The Reaper and Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu, who had gone to meet him, set forth for Purgatory. When they arrived, it was already a battlefield as forces on both sides started their fighting. Both sides had trained men though the Purgatory mercenaries were more well trained than Isaiah's men.


The resulting skirmish ended with wounded on both sides, though the large majority of men that were wiped out were Isaiah's men, and those that weren't killed fled the scene as quickly as they were able to. Purgatory dealt with their wounded, buried their dead and remained firm in their standing as in control of both their land and the market district.


The resulting battle ended with Isaiah being publicly executed in front of the entire market place for his crimes and for causing so deaths of innocent people. He showed little to no remorse for his actions but was quick to look fearful just moments before his death.
Isaiah vs Purgatory AI Generation
Conflict Type
Start Date
15th Tomifin 0UOK
Ending Date
15th Tomifin 0UOK
Conflict Result
Purgatory Emerged Victorious


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