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The Birth of Wynsumheord

Long ago, there were four kingdoms; The Nurvenheath Kingdom, The Syperragg Kingdom, The Eiterland Kingdom, and The Wahstrehite Kingdom. Each of these kingdoms were positioned to the North, south, east, and west of a large barren piece of land known to many as Broga's Ute. The land was thought to be cursed, with tales of dangerous creatures and horrible plights. None who wandered within would ever return, therefore such travel was forbidden. One had to trek around the land instead of going straight through it.     Slowly, curiosity began entering the minds of peasants, servants, and citizens of the kingdoms. Many of them started sneaking away and exploring the vast land on their own. Despite such warnings of Broga's Ute and Doom of the Uproar, the people worked hard making a place for themselves within the barren land. They discovered that some of the creatures were not as dangerous as some had thought, and those that were dangerous, the pilgrims learned how to adapt and coexist alongside them. They started with small camps and soon expanded to tent cities. After a while, buildings were erected and villages were established and named. The people were proud of what they had started. Some even trekked back into the kingdoms to bring friends and family back with them, or sent birds with messages to alert those who were awaiting communication that they were alive and well in the supposedly cursed land.   Soon, the kingdoms began noticing their population was dwindling ever so slightly. When they met together for annual banquets, they noticed a trend. They compared theories and decided to send spies out into the barren land. The appointed spies were afrightened to go into the barren land due to the myths and speculations, but they obeyed under the orders of their kings. When the spies made it into the land, many were captured, hushed, or converted to the side of the pilgrims.   When the kingdoms heard not from those who they had sent, they grew suspicious. They soon decided to make the dangerous expedition themselves. With squires and party in tow, the kings came upon the settlement.   The royals were not at all surprised but were highly infuriated. Each did have their own ideals on how to handle the delinquents. At first, they wanted to take their own respective subjects back to their kingdoms, but then they thought it quite a game to claim them all as their own. While the kings seemed to ban together against the escapees, they were not very trusting of each other and they loved to compete for the prestigious status of best kingdom of the land.   The king of Nurvenheath boasted about his kingdom and invited them all to come back to him with no retributions.   The king of Syperragg tried to bargain them away from Nurvenheath by outbragging him.   The king of Eiterland assured them they would be free to do as they pleased, and that he would listen to their reason for leaving and try to improve accordingly.   The king of Wahstrehite threatened them to comply.   The people agreed not with any of the kings. They declared The Shining Lord their king and revealed that they had renamed Broga's Ute Wynsumheord.   The kings were angered and then decided amongst themselves to fight each other for the land AND its new people. The Wynsumheordians spoke up and told them that such a war would be unfair unless they were also allowed to fight. All five of them against one another. And the winner would take the rest of the kingdoms. The kings were afraid that the banded peasants would possibly defeat them because their new team of Mundbyrdians was compiled of knights from each of their kingdoms who knew the ins and outs of all of their strategies and maneuvers.   In the end, the pilgrims made an agreement called Wynsumheord Shall Stand. Three of the kings agreed. Wahstrehite did not. Wynsumheord and its people carried on to become a great land, nearly equivalent to the other four kingdoms, but the The Wahstrehite Kingdom never gave up on the dream of owning them all. With much violence, they terrorize and threaten Wynsumheord, but The Mundbyrdians refuse to surrender.


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