War of Something

It all started when a small village in the north was raided. Well, like most things in history, there isn't a clear starting point, but let's just jump right into the action. The north was in shambles and for a good 700 or so years, the Dominion had been gone. Most Snow-Malen lived in small tribes and only a few hidden away cities remained. But Ostaras was still sealed, and not opening anytime soon. In this chaos, the humans had risen up. A thousand years is a lot for humans, but for some reason, their society had been relatively stable. A few dynasty changes, and a few rebellions. But at this point, from the blue gates to the point of men and the white cape, humans ruled the land. King Ureyaris wasn't king anymore, in fact, barely anyone knew he was alive. He was living as an elder in a small village named Escotar, where he had hidden his heirs. When his great-great-something daughter died, and his youngest heir Cenyis Ostron was the last one left, the chieftain of the village Edvus wanted to tell her what she was. Ureyaris wouldn't though, and he also didn't want to rise up against the humans to "take back the north". He had seen enough bloodshed, both by his own hands and not. Besides, it was not like his people were suffering, they were living comfortably, although not as powerful as they once were. Edvus wasn't ready to hear this, he was young, not for his village but for Malen overall, and he was rash. He had a plan that would eradicate humans from the north, making them scared to ever set foot in it again.    

The Raid

In their arguing, Edvus had alienated himself from many of the Rangers and Warriors of the village. Many were loyal to Ureyaris now, even without knowing Cenyis was the heir. Because of this Edvus had to take drastic action. While most of the rangers were on a mission, and during a festival when most warriors were drunk. He and his inner circle snuck out of the village and gave the signal. Hundreds of Grittmen mercenaries came running out of the forest, totally surprising the Snow-Malen . The village was almost totally wiped out. There were some survivors, which, together with Cenyis, Edvus took with him.    


Clan Northir was fighting in the Mesantia region at that time, and the Northir warchief was great friends with Ureyaris, having studied under him in his youth. He had gone to the village during the festival, surviving the raid just barely. But as he later told me, he had suspected something like this would happen and warned Ureyaris, who wouldn't listen. An oracle had told him about the imminent chaos in the north, which was partially why he had moved so many troops to Mesantia. But it wasn't him, not totally that saved Cenyis.     It was a pair of young Snow-Malen who chased across the north to find her and the other survivors. On the way, they added some other travelers to their band and even a member of the Northir warchief's circle. But in the end, they were too late, Edvus, who was on his way to the Tower of Ostron, or the Silvarium Tower or whatever you want to call it, was already there when they arrived.    

The tower

This particular tower had been built during the time of the old Dominion. It had only one purpose, and that was to hold the crown of the Dominion. The Silvarium crown. After the fall of Ostaras, the king had hidden the crown away there so no one could steal it off him. And since only the blood of an Ostron, as long as one is alive, could open the vault, this is where Edvus brought the young heir. But when the band of rescuers arrived at the tower, meeting up with even more Wood-Malen who helped them out with a fight, Edvus already had the crown. He escaped with it and ran to Ostaras with the small following he had left. For in Ostaras, a weapon was located.  

The weapon

During the first war in the North, the Dominion had built a weapon which Ureyaris never used. Once activated, it would send out energy waves that would evaporate any of the ones who came from Dah's ancestors, which was about as specific as it could be made. Making it even kill Yldar. Edvus didn't just use it, he stroke a deal with some of the humans, so they would fight for him. Then it became a race, who would gather the most following, with Queen Cenyis Ostron on one side, needing to also retake Ostaras, and Edvus with the crown and his promises on the other side.  

The end

In the end it all came down to one single battle at Ostaras. Instead of attacking through the front, the Queen's forces attacked through Sanctuary, equalizing most of the defenses. Blood had already been spilled when the Humans defected from the Queen's side, to Edvus his side. The Queen's forces, who had just a moment been fighting for the weapon not to be used on the humans, were now getting slaughtered by these same humans. One of the Snow-Malen however, had gotten deep into the city, Seeing the betrayal, there was nothing left for him to do than activate the weapon, killing himself and Edvus who was in the room with him, as well as almost every Human and Yldar in the north. The Grittmen quickly scattered and the Snow-Malen of Edvus's side laid down their weapons. The war was won, but at what cost?
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