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Silvarium is a silver like metal found almost exclusively in the north. It is important to Snow-Malen culture and has many uses. From the first found vein in the valley of Ostar, to some of the newer mines, this metal is widely used in the north and is highly sought after.  


Pure silvarium is similar in strength to steel. Silvarium blades can be sharpened beyond the capability of steel, and they will stay sharpened even after a clash or two. It is also lighter than steel, giving wearers of silvarium armor an edge in mobility. The metal is extremely beautiful. Looking like a slightly dull silver with elongated vein-like spots of a yellow- goldish-substance. But the most incredible of its properties is that it always feels warm to the touch, even in the coldest of snowstorms. It's because of this, that it is widely used for armor.  


The metal was discovered at the same time as the valley of Ostar. King Ureyaris of the then Hearth-Malen decided to settle there after finding the valley, dubbing it the capital of his new Dominion. He used the metal to bring all the other independent city states of the north into the fold. The metal has been of great importance to the current Snow-Malen culture and is held in high regard. Even owning a silvarium knife as an outsider is only allowed to the most honorable of people. And after any large battle, the dead will be quickly gathered, just to make sure as little silvarium is lost as possible.

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