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The Dominion

The dominion is a nation that rules most of the Mithran land north of the Mantle of Ostron. It is currently ruled by queen Cenyis Ostron, who took the throne in a power struggle during the third era. Which is also when the current modern dominion was formed. Formed by the legendary Ureyaris Ostron back in the early second era.      


First steps

The first dominion was formed in the early second era. At the end of the first era, during The War of Two Suns, a group of Malen from had already settled in the western part of the north. This group, we call Jhecheon had come from the deep southern Woods of Ell'fyka a long time ago. When The War of Two Suns started getting heavy, and people started to flee their homes, old Ureyaris lead a large group of Hearth-Malen from the northern parts what is now Mesantia, through the mantle into the mountains, where they found the valley of Ostaras. This valley was riddled with big veins of metal called Silvarium. An incredibly versatile and valuable metal. From here, these people called Ragmar spread across mostly the eastern part of the north. Ostaras became powerful quickly and through war and diplomacy, Ureyaris managed to combine them all into a single kingdom. At the Gathering of 18 seats, the 5 Ragmar, and 13, Jhecheon Kingdoms gathered to sign the Treaty of Chimass and become the first dominion under the leadership of king Ureyaris.  

Beginning of the end

The first dominion thrived for a long time, being the antithesis to the Empire of Dah that ruled the Hearthlands for much of the second era. But eventually, when the empire fell and war broke out in many places, refugees poured into the north. At first king Ureyaris didn't mind, and welcomed them. But after some struggles, they set up their own cities, instead of integrating with the Malen. As the saying goes, humans "breed like rabbits". So within no time, a sizable human nation had formed in the North.  

The fall

It didn't take long for friction to start between the dominion and the northern humans. At some point, the Snow-Malen decided it was enough. Some say Ureyaris was roped into it by his advisors, but others argue that he was the responsible one either way. In any case, on the 13th of Snowfall 435 3E, an event known as the Night of Red Snow happened. During this, all over the north, the Snow-Malen struck first. They attacked military bases, cities, patrols, etc. They dealt a massive first blow to the already massive human population. From there a war started.
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