Woods of Ell'fyka

Filled to the brim with life, these woods and jungles house more life than most of the known world combined. It is said that if you dream a of a weird animal that shouldn't exist, it exists in down south.  

The woods

The territory of the United clans of Ell'fyca is a large territory, encompassing jungles, forests savannah's and even some mountainous areas and swamps. The jungles are filled with almost every lifeform you can imagine, whereas the savannahs house massive fauna like elephants, rhinos, and long necks. Slightly higher north, where the altitude starts getting higher, and the days are getting colder, you see more pine forests with bears and wolves. While in the south, where the desert approaches and the mountains divide, dragons hide in volcanic caves. But most of the area is covered in jungles with trees so high, you can see the tops. They are so tall, that it is said that the people of Ell'fyka live in three dimensions. These incredibly large trees are the cornerstones flora and fauna in the jungles. There are plenty of animals that never see the actual ground and you could easily travel from one corner to the other without ever touching the ground. This has made for roads to be both on the ground and in the trees, doing the same for cities.  


The Wood-Malen mostly populate this region of Mithra. In the city of Niinks, a city built in and around the largest of these trees, a large percentage of this population resides. The tree, named Niinks as well, is thought to be the first tree in the world, so rich with life force it never stopped growing and is now considered the heart of the forest. Hundreds of hallways and rooms have been carved into the insides of the tree, while thousands of houses are built in small village like bundles along the outside branches. Underneath it, where it splits of into roots, most of the town is built. With stairs going up to the higher levels. The tree is so large the ground would quake for years if it fell over.
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