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Crown of Ostron

The Silvarium crown of Ostron. A family heirloom and the key to the ancient city of Ostaras. Once the white city has been locked, it can only be opened with the crown. This crown has been in the Ostron family for millennia and has been the deciding factor in two wars.    


The crown is made from Silvarium, a silver-like metal as hard as steel but warm to the touch in even the coldest places. Was made by king Ureyaris sometime after discovering the valley of Ostas. After the city was built, the final defenses were made. With the help of wellpower, the city was sealed. When in times of war or despair, the city could be called which would make getting in much harder. Another lock was put on the central chamber of the palace. A chamber where a great weapon laid. Getting in there without the crown would be impossible.   When the humans declared war on the dominion, after the night of red snow, Ureyaris decided not to use the weapon and instead made a deal with the human king. This deal would forever shape the future. Ostaras was under siege, and Ureyaris sealed the city. The king let them escape, on the condition that they would live peacefully without conflict. The dominion split up into various tribes and the crown was sealed in the tower of the crown. Only the blood of an Ostron could get it now.  

The Crown

The crown is a beautiful ornament, made from the finest silvarium in the world. Inlaid with gems and gold, the crown serves as the "crown jewel" of the dominion. It is simple and elegant in its design.

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