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Nelathar's Soup

Nelathar's soup is a story set in the year 1851 3E. During this time the hearthlands is recovering from its period of shattering. Listinia, now one of the major superpowers, is on the rise during this time. You play as King Nileas. King of a small kingdom named Iludas, bordering Listinia. You are stricken with sickness, and your kingdom is on the brink of war with the neighboring kingdom of Medeas. Will you be able to stay alive and save your kingdom? Or will you serve Nelathar's soup?
The story centers around the chalice of Bid. A keeper artifact that is supposed to bring the user immortality, but also turns the user mad. Over a period of 8 days, the user has to drink 8 times, after which they will be deathless. A state of immortality where you can still die from wounds, or lack of food, but where your body won't degrade and you can technically live forever. This in itself is already a curse though. But worse is the madness that will strike you as you keep drinking day after day. It is a Nelathar's soup, for it will break you down slowly, destroying everything and everyone around you. So beware to those who taste the nectar of Bid.
Golden coast 1851 3E
A map of the golden coast region during the year 1851 3E.
The old emperor Nelathar. He had a political rival he had to eliminate and did so by poisoning the soup at a feast. It was soup his family didn’t like so he hoped they wouldn’t drink it. But they did. He did not only kill his rival but also his entire family.
— Proprietrist Kalma, 1851 3E
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