The Balai Uprising


In the weeks after the cataclysm that forged the Evora Basin, everyone sought shelter below ground. Radiation from the site spread quickly to the atmosphere and, in its wake, acid rain fell. Those that were caught "topside" were doomed.

The largest enclaves of Tyran and Birlo soldiers claimed the fortified locations along the Northern and Western Coastlines. They clashed in the tunnels between Tantrys and Sarune over scant resources and the right to exist. Despite their long lifespans, their numbers dwindled.

The Drakkar and Balai first sought refuge within the peaceful Ebo settlements. When the Tyr/Birlo conflict spilled over into their regions, they approached the xenophobic Korlo as refugees. They were accepted... grudgingly.

Life was hard during the first five hundred years; food and potable water were scarce and racial tensions continued to escalate. In these formative years, the Korlo, with the aid of their refugee population, began making small, technological advances in construction, water recycling, and food production.


  • Sabotage: Birlo sappers mine the eastern wall of Tantrys, killing hundreds of Tyran and exposing the survivors to the toxic elements of topside.
  • Birlo forces attacked and captured the outpost.
  • The surprise offensive forced the remaining Tyran soldiers in the region to move to engage them.
  • As the conflict became more savage, non-combatant Birlo and Tyran escaped to seek shelter with the Korlo.
  • After eight years of fighting, heavy casualties, and no ground gained, the Tyran pull back. The Birlo allow them to retreat. Hostilities cease, but tension still exists.


  • The Korlo took advantage of their weakened foes and captured the poorly held regions - Tantrys is among the sites taken.
  • They moved all the Tyran and Birlo refugees to Tantrys, setting them the task of repairing the outpost. Captured militants were held in a secure wing of the outpost.
  • The Korlo spread out and set up their new domain in the old outposts West of Lake Evora.

General Nami Doncaster (descended from a Korlo Admiral), Commander of the largest military force in the organized lands, named her Council from other high-ranking officers.

  • Doncaster, Isoldrun, Makon, Tikko, and Zune are chosen to serve on Council. Korlune's current Ranking families are descendants from this group.


  • The first laws are passed, preventing all non-Korlo residents from holding property or Rank.
  • The Balai condemned the exclusion and organized large-scale protests.
  • The Drakkar and Ebo participated.
  • Salem Trel, a Korlo General, publicly advocated for the refugees and the release of the Birlo and Tyran detainees. He is placed under house arrest with his family.
  • Things became violent, and the Council moved to expel the radical elements from the newly named country, Korlune.
  • Korlune Internal Security was formed and a handful of critical voices went silent shortly after. Rumors circulated that they'd been shot. Other dissidents started going missing.
  • Those Ebo and Drakkar not on the lists were left alone.

CONCLUSION: The Expulsion

  • These troublesome refugees (newly named the Diasporan), as well as the detained Birlo and Tyran civilians, were taken to the tunnels in the Southern region of Korlune, given supplies, and sealed in.
  • Salem Trel and his family were among them.


  • The Balai and those with them settled in Ankoresh, on the high plateau to the South. To celebrate their new freedom, they collectively took the name of the region and became the Ankor.
  • The Trel family was granted the right to establish their own house.
  • Like the Korlo, the Ankor fell back on choosing their leaders from those descended from ranking officers. Unlike the Korlo, this split them and they fell to in-fighting.

Refugees from other zones began to show up in 742

by J. I. Rogers and Hero Forge Custom Miniatures
General Nami Doncaster laid the foundation for the formation of Korlune.
Battlefield Type
Start Date
533 AC
Ending Date
535 AC


  • The World As It's Known
    To prevent spoilers, all pins relate to events and locations in book one. 

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