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Dystopian - Science Fiction - Cyberpunk

Views of Tamyrh by J. I. Rogers

A cataclysmic natural disaster and two-thousand years of conflict have rendered the surface of this world inhospitable to humanoids. Life returns nonetheless, and Korlune and Ankoresh, the two countries that remain, struggle to survive the elements and their prejudices. Meanwhile, 'The Seep,' the verdant jungle that surrounds Lake Evora, creeps ever-outward to claim terrain from both groups, with an almost sentient malevolence.


Here on World Anvil - "Tamyrh," you'll have access to my world-building bits, side-stories, timelines, maps, notes, and all the other details that form the foundation for the adventures of Nash X. Korpes and friends. I'll keep things as "spoiler-free" as possible by not posting material that leaks significant plot points from my unpublished work, but once that book is released, prepare for a flurry of updates.
Currently, all content and timelines reflect events that transpired in books one and two - The Korpes File and The Korpes Agenda, or in the short stories that appeared in Tamyrh Quarterly.

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