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Here on World Anvil - "Tamyrh", you'll have access to my world-building bits, side-stories, timelines, maps, notes, and all the other details that form the foundation for the adventures of Nash X. Korpes and friends. I'll keep things as "spoiler-free" as possible by not posting material that leaks major plot-points from my unpublished work, but once that book is released, prepare for a flurry of updates.
Currently, all content and timelines reflect events that transpired in book one - The Korpes File, or in the short stories that appeared in Tamyrh Quarterly.

The Time Of The Series

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Views of Tamyrh by J. I. Rogers

A cataclysmic natural disaster and two-thousand years of conflict have rendered the surface of this world inhospitable to humanoids. Life returns none-the-less, and Korlune and Ankoresh, the two countries that remain, struggle to survive the elements and their prejudices. Meanwhile, 'The Seep', the verdant jungle that surrounds Lake Evora, creeps ever-outward to claim terrain from both groups, with an almost sentient malevolence.

My Patrons have early access to all the bits as they happen.
Content will be made public a week after the Patreon Perk release.

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