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Korlune Military Research & Development

Historical Summary Of The Formation Of Korlune Military:

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by J. I. Rogers

Founded in 530 AC

General Nami Doncaster was the Commander of the largest military force in the organized lands. As the conflict between the Birlo and Tyran threatened to spill into Korlo-held territory, she called for the creation of a unified army. She chose her Council from the descendants of other high-ranking Korlo officers who had maintained a personal guard after the cataclysm. Korlune Military was created from this union.
Korlune Military Research & Development slowly began to take shape but did not exist as a separate organization until 723 AC.

by J. I. Rogers

EST 723 AC

Cirese Makon was the first to suggest that a stationary base and dedicated revenue stream be assigned to those responsible for their tech. Master-Tech Rey Kezlen and his team presented the concept for a research and development station responsible for equipping the troops on the move without the costly logistics of keeping a mobile development and production team on site. After the meeting (and reviewing the cost-benefit analysis), the remaining Council members were convinced.

by J. I. Rogers

Weapons Development Section
EST 834 AC

KMR&D wasn't divided into subsections until 834 AC when Doctor Selwyn Maro and Doctor Marai Zune petitioned the Doncaster Family to fund the expansion. The WDS offered employment opportunities to the young, talented Korlo technicians, scientists, and mechanics who weren't designated for Essential Services. The Diasporan population was screened, and those with the right talent were encouraged to join after they'd completed their mandatory two years of military service. Selwyn replaced Marai as director of KMR&D in 840 AC and remained in charge until he died in 910 AC.

by J. I. Rogers

Special Projects Division
EST 1140 AC

Doctor Nyles Maro applied to the Council for dispensation to pursue medical and pharmacological research in 1123 AC. Seventeen years later, his request to create a separate Special Projects Division was granted after he succeeded in purifying the toxic compound found in Yilandris vine and pioneered the first treatment for K'Shar Syndrome.

by J. I. Rogers

Clone Research Lab
EST 2195 AC

This branch of KMR&D falls directly under the budget and auspices of the Special Projects Division and is responsible for all of the modern advances in growing synthetic and non-synthetic replacement organs. There are dark rumors of what else is in the grow tanks, but there is no evidence.

This is only an overview of the creation of KMR&D. Over time, I'll expand sections to include more details.
by J. I. Rogers
Founding Date
815 AC
Alternative Names
Ruling Organization
Related Species
Those appointed by Nami Doncaster included Keres Isoldrun, Yul Makon, Annel Tikko, and Wan Zune, and together they became the first among the Ranking families. These five families are represented by the five red lines on the right side of the banner. Korlune's current Ranking families are direct descendants from this group, Doncaster being the most venerable.
by J. I. Rogers

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