Humanoid in Tamyrh


: a nonhuman creature or being with characteristics (such as the ability to walk upright) resembling those of a human.

~ Merriam Webster Dictionary

A Brief History:

In the 2000+ years since the cataclysm, the Korlo maintained their tradition of not choosing marriage partners from the other groups. Like their neighbors to the North, the Ankor exercised a degree of caution, choosing only from those with Ankor, Ebo, or Drakkar heritage.

The post-cataclysm conflicts were especially hard on the Tyran and Birlo populations, and their numbers dwindled. In the end, they were forced to declare a truce and seek refuge in the unravaged lands to the West. These survivors, along with the remaining Drakkar and Ebo populations in devastated regions chose to blend together in order to survive. Today, these displaced 'hybrids' are referred to collectively as the 'Diasporan.'

Over the centuries, the unique traits of the Tyran, Birlo, Drakkar, and Ebo blurred, surfacing only as an oddity in the population. One in a thousand Diasporan will emerge as a "throwback" (where three of the nine genes distinct to one species are expressed). One in one hundred-thousand will have five traits manifest. One in a million will have more than five of the genetic features of their ancestors.

All Diasporan born in Korlune are genetically registered and anomalies are tracked. Korlune Military Research & Development (KMR&D) oversees both the Pairing Protocol and the prodigy screening program.

Cover image: by J. I. Rogers
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