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The Undercity

The Undercity is completed long before the Cluster City above it is constructed. It is the foundation that makes life 'top-side' beneath the dome possible.


60% Diasporan
40% Korlo


The Ranking Korlo family of that particular Cluster City technically governs the Undercity as well. Still, the day-to-day operations are handed off to a council comprised of working professionals from the Diasporan and low-Ranking Korlo citizens who live and work there.


Blast doors will seal off all tunnels leading into the Undercity if there is an environmental breach within the network. If there is a dome breach, A massive, inner seal will activate once the population in the Cluster has evacuated below ground. The Traverse is the last area left open to accommodate stragglers and the wounded. Air scrubbers form the first defense, and the population will live in their envirosuits until the all-clear is given.


The entrepreneurial spirit does exist in the Undercity. Poets, artists, gamblers, and those with something going on the side manage to carve out snippets of time to pursue their craft between the long work hours and sleep. These pursuits aren't discouraged, provided the real work isn't neglected. Every job in the Undercity is essential.
This is the working heart of the Cluster City; it's where the main reactors, air and water recyclers, and primary hydroponics sections are housed.
The Dome Maintenance crews and equipment are all stationed here.
The Undercity Mech-Bay services all vehicles that operate within its catchment (except those belonging to Ranking Korlo citizens), and the Med-Bay is kept fully stocked and up-to-date in case of disaster.


Essential Services:

These are the primary employers in the Undercity. If any essential services go offline, the Cluster City will be forced to shut down until repairs are completed.
  • Dome Maintenance
  • Haloryn Reactors
  • Water Recycling
  • Air Recycling
  • Hydroponics
  • Waste Management
by J. I. Rogers

Secondary Essential Services:

Having any of these services shut down will mildly inconvenience the operations of the Cluster City, but workarounds are possible.
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • External Resource Processing
  • Manufacturing/Repair/Refurbishing
  • Mech-Bay
  • Med-Bay
by J. I. Rogers

Auxillary Areas:

These do not directly affect the Cluster City's well-being but are necessary to the Undercity's functionality.
  • Undercity Commercial District
  • - The Residential area is interwoven with the commercial district, creating neighborhoods.
  • - Recreational Facilities exist throughout the commercial and residential areas, serving each neighborhood accordingly. There are family-friendly zones and those more appropriate for adults.
  • - Undercity Childcare & Education Facilities are located inside the family-oriented recreational section.


Each Cluster City has its own trains, air-transport vehicles, and service vehicles. These are all stored and serviced in the Undercity.
Only Lorsa Cluster has a working Tellium mine and refinery on site. Riva, Thallen, Merrow, and Elune are reliant on imports from their Diasporan partners to feed their refineries.
by J. I. Rogers

by J. I. Rogers

Tourism in its truest form isn't really a thing in the Undercity; everyone comes to visit the Cluster City above it. However, for certain types of 'fun', the Undercity is the only place to be. If you're looking for a M'Kang connection, an unlicensed brawl, or rare 'collectibles', you can find it all in the Undercity. Citizens and Diasporan with work visas can access either level freely via the Traverse, which is a long mall that runs the length of the Cluster City and the Undercity.
Underground / Vault
100k to 300k
Inhabitant Demonym
Korlo: Charn, Diasporan Slang: Un'Dvellar
by J. I. Rogers
Voted the most dangerous job in a Cluster City; one in five members of the Dome Maintenance crew will die during the performance of their duties. The training is intense, the pay is excellent (as are the benefits), and if you die on the job, your spouse receives your salary until their death.
by J. I. Rogers


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