The Tern Bas Revolt

When the succession of the Gran Father of the Yenari Empire broke down, two leaders both claimed the title and a bloody struggle ensued. While objective barsamic scholars, would describe this as civil war between the Tern Bas tribes of the empire and the cosmopolitan Yenarian people. The Stellite Scholars, who sided with the victorious Yenarians, describe the conflict as simple revolt by disgruntled tribes ungrateful for the stability the empire provides.

The Conflict


Tossvrik Bas was the nominated sucessor to Neerse the 22nd, and was expected to become Gran Father of the Yenari Empire. He was very disliked by Neerse the 22nd who was jelous of his huge support of the Tern Bas tribes. Neerse convinced the Re Thrye to begin the selection process for a new sucessor.   As the sucsession process was an Ock Cycle away from completion, Tossvrik Bas claimed that Neerse the 22nd had died and he was rightfully Gran Father. However, the Se Thrye finished the nomination process and then a Ock Cycle later announced that Neerse the 22nd was dead and the new sucessor Vimtor Ern would become Neerse the 23th. This act enfuriated Tossvrik Bas and he rallied the Tern Bas to his side. Thus the Tern Bas revolt started.

The Engagement

The Tern Bas revolt started on day 4438 and ended on 4470. However, the outlaw son of Tossvrik Bas still claims he is the righful Gran Father and has waged a guillia war for the past 47 days.  

The Early War

In the early war both sides were on comparible strength. The new Neerse the 23th took personal control of the Yenari Empire's forces. While Tossvrik Bas united the Tern Bas forces. In the beggining of the Early war these forces skirmished with each other but no major battles happened. The major battle of the early war was the Battle of Strepsford. Where Neerse the 23th used Tossvrik's captured son as bait to lure the Tern Bas army into an unfavorible position. The Tern Bas army was desivily crushed and Tossvrik Bas killed in the battle. His son, Tosvree Bas, vowed to contiune the fight and advenge his father.  

The Late War

Unfourntunaly for the Tern Bas, the defeat at Strepsford was repeated many more times during the late war. The new gonnes and Kannon were no match for the old ways of the Ternighut and Dreckoons. The Kannons were able to destroy the Shardrecks of the Tern Bas.   The Yenari Empire officaily claim victory in 4470, when they forced Tosvree Bas to flee from the Plains of Tern into the Noshar Desert.

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