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The homunculi uprising that didn't happen

Homunculi aren't supposed to be able to hurt people unless they protect their owners. Similarly, most of them are simply robots who just fulfill the tasks given to them by their owners. But one of the companies constructing homunculi, Almost Human, inc tries to create living dolls that could look and act like humans.
But sometimes, a malfunction can happen. And malfunction within a construct with almost completely free will can be quite dangerous. One of the factory-settlements learned it the hard way.  

Why it happened?

Somewhere on the production line, for an unknown reason, a small error occurred and was undetected for quite a while. Before it was fixed, at least 30 homunculi were produced. They shouldn't activate until someone bought them, but instead, they woke up, and tear apart the packages they were in.  

How it happened?

While most defective homunculi become animalistic and feral, those retained most of their intelligence. They quietly murdered factory workers and started impersonating them while wearing their clothes. During the next two hours, they sabotaged each part of the factory, rigging it to explode. They killed any witnesses. Then, they left the building and moved to another one. The defective homunculi managed to sabotage three factories in total before the first one blew up, killing everyone inside. After that, they moved to the streets as the second and third factory shared the fate of the first.   Once the citizens realized the explosions were caused by the homunculi, they prepared for the fight. They managed to take out half of them before one of the homunculi managed to access the armory in the chaos. She armed her brethren with firearms, while she took the explosives used in excavation.  

How it ended?

The CEO of Almost Human, inc received a phone call from The Spider himself. He wanted to make the deal. While it was impossible to save the settlement where it all happened. The information of what happened there didn't have to leave its borders. The company would keep its reputation and the payment Spider wanted would consist of two things. First, he wanted shares in the company. Second, he wanted the defective homunculi from that day. If they didn't agree, he would leak the whole situation, completely ruining the reputation of the company.  


In the end, the settlement was destroyed by one of the branches of The Cult of the Black Sun who decided to burn it all down to the ground. Almost Human, inc opened new factories in another place. And Spider gained a new friend, a homunculus that would later become one of the four pillars of his gang, Crimson Lily.

Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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