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The Unification Wars of Mizukasai

The Mizukasai Archpelago is a collection of seventeen volcanic islands. All 17 of these islands share a common language with slight variation of dialects and accents between the different islands.   The largest island in the archipelago is Giniroshima. The silver island is centrally located amongst all of the other islands and forms the hub of society and interaction.  

Prelude to war

  Each of the islands were governed autonomously with family and tribal royalty. The other islands left each other alone and were able to trade the goods that were the specialties of the others. The leader of the silver island felt that a unified archipelago would be able to withstand the outside influences that began to come to the islands. Since the technology of sailing ships had improved to the point where travel between the islands and the clusters within the archipelago was relatively easy and common.   The islands were becoming more prosperous due to the increase of trade and free market cooperation. However the leader of the silver island felt it was necessary to speed up the process and unify all of the islands under his control. This would allow, in his justification, a unified Mizukasai Archpelago to stand up against the world.  


  For years, the would be emperor, did little to hide his aspirations to control all of the island. Through speeches he whipped up the people of the silver island into a patriotic and nationalistic frenzy to unify the island under their control. He relied heavily upon the story of the five dragons where the silver Dragon withstood the attacks of the four elemental dragons and eventually won the day and formed the globe of Sagadorm. This was our destiny, he would say, to unify all of the people as the silver Dragon unified all five of them.   The other island clusters were terrified at the possibility of invasion and occupation and unification. After so many years of individual and autonomous rule, the idea of being subjugated to the central silver island was unacceptable.   An arms race began amongst all of the islands. This was before the advent of gunpowder. The primary weapons were sword and the bow.  


  The war for the unification of Mizukasai began when the silver island invaded the gray islands. As these islands were mostly ashen volcanoes, they appeared to be weaker than the other larger and fertile islands.   The intent of the silver island emperor was to take on each of the different clusters island by island until all were subjugated. He was not expecting that the islands in a sign of mass unity all combined forces and verged upon the silver armies. On the shores and bays and the few flat areas of the gray islands, the armies of the silver island were easily overwhelmed and subjugated themselves.   To take things even farther, the combined armies of the four island clusters decided it was time to establish a unified government. While the collected people's rejected the leadership of the silver island, there were many important points brought up that needed to be interest. A unified Mizukasai Archpelago would indeed prepare themselves for the world.  

A new government

  Representatives from all of the islands, all of the tribes, and anyone who wish to participate got to gather on the silver island and developed the Republic of Mizukasai Archpelago. This representative government would allow for the unified front that was desired by the people of the silver island but still maintain a higher level of autonomy then was being proposed by the deposed leader.
Conflict Type
Conflict Result
The conquest and subjugation of all of the islands failed.


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