The Failed Coup of 816

A failed coup with violent consequences

The coup of 816 was a failed coup attempted by the 4th oldest child of Emperor Yarken. The coup had the purpose of seizing control of the power in the Kyenashi Empire. The coup happened the day after it was made official that the emperor had died. He left behind 18 children, all illegitimate and no clear line of succession or orders on who was to become the next emperor.  
It was a very bad idea to go through with this coup, the chance of it suceeding was so small that it was honestly impressive they got as far as they did.

An Empty Throne

Olean was the only child his mother got with the emperor, and he was aware that there were countless other candidates for the throne. None of which were anymore legit than him.   He therefore tried to worm his way to power by infiltrating the castle, threatening the current regent who had the power until a new emeperor was found, and threaten him into signing the document which would place Olean as the next emperor.  

Infiltration and failure

However, on the fatefull night, Olean's plan didn't go as he had thought it would. Him and his followers managed to get through the gates, where they had to kill the guards if they wanted to pass through.   Then they forced their way into the palace with violence and left behind countless other victims. When they finally got to the chamber of the regent, he was not there and they were promptly surrounded by the palace guard and either killed or restrained.   This event led to the Civil War of Kyenashi, which saw thousand upon thousands of lives lost.
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Coup attempt failed
Led to the Great Civil war
Began a domino effect which led to the downfall of the empire

Emperor Yarken
Character | Sep 18, 2022

The last emperor of the Kyenashi Empire, caused the downfall of his empire by dying with no clear successor.

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