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The battle for the Conquistador

Sonna Cornio entered the room of her father, ambassador Derrioth R. Verner. She needed to confront him. again.
Her face was reddened and her whole body trembled. Her father turned around and his face was emotionless. From where she stood she could see the foot of his latest victim. a silent twitch and then it stopped. He just stood there. All she could say was "i'm done." and she turns around, marching away. Her stomach burning.
She marches straight to her room where her servant Missa Alandra opens the door to let her pass. she formal greets the young woman. "Mam..." she quicklly folllows inside, closing the door fast but silent. Sonna looks at her. "Bring me my travel gear.. fast." the servant girl rushes to grab the items, gear and components. it takes her a while to gather all. "Pack your own gear as well and bring it to the dolphin." "yes mam." the girl replied "I will bring it to the Dolphin... " Sonna taps coordinates on a pad and seals them with her personal seal. "take this and when you are ready take off and insert the pad. I'll find you. " The young girl quickly tells a platform to follow and she leaves.   One our later Sonna gets a confirmation that the Dolphin is on it's way. Sonna knew. Now the show begins.
She checks one more time her personal gear, inspecting her rialto-tbb blasters a final time. both are fully loaded. Her katana hangs at her side.   Katana Heirloom
The blade looks like it is only the handlebar of a two handed sword, around 20 cm, strapped in red and black leather, with gold lining, when you grip the hilt it will unfold into a full katana. It has a extremely powerfull energy source that enables her to wield the blade with ease (gyropowered swings) and the molecular power infused molecular tension edge is practical not breakable, nor will it go blunt. The Katana was a "gift" from her father on her 12th birthday and her final exam on black belt jui jitsu and first dan blade fighting. Later she found out that it actually belonged to her mother, due to inscriptions that translated to her mothers name and title

The Conflict


The prelude is lon and it all started many years ago. First she finds out that her mother is killed by her own father. The Katana heirloom that gave its secret away (gift daddy was actually stolen from her mother). Her killed many people sadistically just to show his power. She confornted him several times and she just .... well went into action.


The plan is simple. The Conquistador is a totally new developed heavy combat Frigatte. It comes with a newly developed A.I. from Masta Enterprise
The A.I. isn't awakened yet, as the ship has just reached completion. It hasn't been flying tests or anything. so she takes a gamble by taking it. The ship is guarded by a small group of mercenarys. Sonna has already done investigations to these men. anbd she knows they are dirty. Except one. a new young man Avon Hythar. He is brought in to pilot the ship - a simple, well payed mission- and bring it to Earth where it can be deployed with personell. She knows that she has to combat a group of well trained mercenarys. To spare the young man hios life she neds to make sure she can distract him and lure him into the captains room. The plan is to subdue him for the time bieng and take out the remaining guards.


The guards are loitering and making fun of each other. They do not take their jobs serious because ... what could happen. The young man, Avon, enters the brigde and gets a message to go to the captains room. He wanders off back into the ship towards the captains room. He enters the room and before he knows it he feels sleepy and falls down. Sonna grabs him in time and puts him on the bed. "sorry"   She pulls her blade and with a silent swish it forms the blade in a fraction of a second.
The first three are easy as they are unaware of what happens, and with one poke against their neck they drop down. She subdues them quickly and drops them inside thhe rooms. door locked, using a security code that makes the room sealed. the fourth turns around and sees her, just bad luck.... bad timing... who knows. She uses the pommel at the back of her blade to punch him straight at his plexus polaris, nocking him into breath grasping spasms. (she is happy that he doesn't wear body armor.) sudbued and locked up.   The fifth made it easy. he went into the room to pee. she locks the door behind him and secured. even before she could think she reacts instinctively and ducks and rolls forward, her razor sharp blade tucked away in her arm. number 6 had turned up at a most inconvenient time and attacked her straight away. Sonna pushes through her roll and stands up. the other woman pulls her gun and Sonna reacts. The woman screams when her weapon is removed from her grip including her hand and part of her arm. a swift follow up silneces her as her head flips back partly de-attached. Blood sprays out of the body and then it drops on the floor. Sonna who never killed before looks at it in horror. All kinds of thoughts rush through her brain. She can't breath... she... she... drops down on her knees... just when number 7 takes a shot and misses. Sonna recalls later that she could not remember what happend next.


The guarding mercenarys are not guarding as they do not know there is a threat. Although they are hard assess they lack the discipline to do what they should do. and they notice too late that one of them is dead. The battle takes place in and around the ship that is just finished. there is no working force as her father had them all brought in to build and brought back (or so he says).

The Engagement

the girl is in a shock when she kills her first victim. Her father had hhred thhe best trainers and one assassin to help her. But it;s real. not make believe or talking. Thios dead was real.
although in shock her logic reasoning takes over and her body responds with action to her training. The 5 other guys have no defense against this oyoung girl and her flashing Katana. It only takes seconds to finish them. she locks thhe ship down and wakes Avon.   First she locks him to the wall and then she wakes him from his sleeping state. She telllls him the thruth and he listens to her. She shows him evidence of her fathers brutallity and offers hiom to help her. He wanted to agree when she added and I double my fathers offer. He nods. Alll that tme he didnt speak. She walks him past the bodies into the bridge and assigns him the helm.   several minutes later the ship is ready , the engines are up and with a single push of a button she pulverizes the doors in front of the ship. "Is that large enough to pass through?" Avon nods and commands the ship through the blown out doors. Two small fast vehicles pop up behind the battlecruiser but Avon already responded with two single shots on his weapon menu. "two engines disabled." and then he punches the ION drive engine. and the ship jumps forward into the vastness of space. "Go to these coordinates" Sonna commands.
Conflict Type


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