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Under the Foot of Industry

Failure of the First Union

Our demands are simple. Pay us fairly, promise us safety, and He'an help, give us better equipment.
— Spokesperson for the Base Camp: Qur Union
  The extraction of Ichor creates an environment that allows for exceptional profits and extreme danger. Those in power have the wealth to keep their extractionist employees in check; despite the risk to their lives, the workers have very little say in their employment and safety.   Roughly a year ago, workers at Base Camp: Qur began to talk amongst themselves, organizing the origins of the first Union of workers that Cathedris had seen. However, as soon as they began to make their demands, their employer Amy & Amee's came down hard with restrictions and violence in an effort to put a stop to what they saw as a threat to their way of business.  

A bloody protest

The proto-union first began their protests in the permanent settlement portion of their Base Camp, far away from Qur in relative safety. They made simple demands, hoping for an increase in pay and safety, and promised that not a single employee would go out to extract Ichor from Qur at a temporary camp until those demands were met.

The First Response

Send in containment. Don't let anyone leave camp.
— Employment Resources Coordinator
Almost immediately after the workers made their first demands, their employee responded with force. A special unit of Catalurgists trained in anti-riot measures were contracted and brought in. They quickly surrounded the workers, holding formation and turning it into a war of attrition. Some workers attempted to break the containment, but were quickly turned to ash by some of the Catalurgists surrounding them.

The Push

A week into the stand-off, with food beginning to run low in the camp, workers began to get desperate. Still, they were unwavering in their demands for increase pay and safety, and those trying to end the protest were beginning to realize that there would be no peaceful end to this conflict. As Qur began to wander closer to the temporary camp, a horrible plan began to form.  
Open the blockade, on the side facing the temporary camp. Give them some encouragement to get moving.
— Employment Resources Coordinator
The Catalurgists surrounding the protesting workers opened their ranks, leaving half of the containment area open for the employees to move through if they so wished. This would lead them directly out of the permanent camp, towards the valley that would soon be shook by the heavy footsteps of the approaching God-husk Qur.


Stomping out the Uprising

Using brutal incentive tactics like fire and gunshots, the containment squad forced the early unionizers out from their relative safety within the permanent camp. They were forced to choose between pain of death at the hands of the hired Catalurgists, or risk fleeing into the path of Qur, hoping to be spared by random chance.   As he drove up clouds of dust on his oblivious trudge through the final moments of the first Union, Qur obscured the carnage that was happening beneath his feet. When all was said and done, roughly 3/4 of the unionizers had lost their lives in the frenzy that was attempting to survive under the foot of industry, and the feet of gods.  
Take out some new job ads in all the local papers -- we've got new employment openings.
— Employment Resources Coordinator
Qurain, at Ichor extraction camp Base Camp: Qur
Roughly 300 Ichor Extractionists, 30 Catalurgist riot breakers, and Qur
Over 200 Extractionists and 1 Catalurgist

Industry of Blood

The extraction of Ichor is a bloody industry, both in what it produces, and what it costs. Many workers in the field have significantly reduced life expectancy, and it's seen as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world -- only slightly behind Legion operatives in Rendling hotspots.   While the pay that Ichor extractionists recieve is significant, often enough to support a family for decades by putting in a few years hard work, it's generally seen as not nearly enough to warrant such dangerous conditions.  

Death in the field

Should a worker die in the field, any wages that have not yet been paid out are not sent to the family, but rather kept by the parent company.  
Listen, I know it's dangerous. I know I might die. But darling, we need the money, and we're running out of time.
— Desperation


Cover image: Edited by Stormbril, base image by Lukman Alip


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1 Aug, 2021 04:06

. . . So I'm guessing none of those people got employee of the month. (I'm so sorry:) Its a great article though :D)

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
2 Aug, 2021 20:05

Ahahahaha, no, no they definitely did not. Though I bet that jerk Kevin who keeps getting the award every other month was mysteriously not there while everyone started protesting!

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
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5 Aug, 2021 12:36

I hope they lost a lot of profit by having to retrain lots of new recruits! Unfortunately people were probably too desperate for pay to boycott those jobs... Has anyone attempting to make the direction pay directly from their act by trying to assassinate them? I think by that point it is fully warranted...

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5 Aug, 2021 16:23

They most definitely did! But their profit margins are so wide that it was probably cheaper for them in the long run to hire and train new recruits, rather than pay them more >:(   There's definitely been some attempts, but nothing successful... YET. While those in control may be very powerful, general opinions across the globe are shifting and more and more people might make those attempts.   Thanks for the comment :D

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I am sorry ... what now ... ? Ummm how do they get Ichor out ... isn't Qur rather mobile?

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He is rather mobile, which makes it really fun :D They build scaffolding directly in the path that Qur wanders, and when he collides with or comes near enough to the temporary structure, they leap onto his legs and anchor themselves to him with ice-pick style tools.   You can read more about it in these two articles, if you like :)

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Blood drawn from the colossal veins of the old dead gods; the power behind Catalurgy, and the source behind the monstrous Rendlings.

Base Camp: Qur
Settlement | Aug 31, 2022

A camp consisting of both temporary and more permanent structures. Built to house workers that do the dangerous work of extracting Ichor from the God-husk Qur.

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I'm amazed by all the talent on World Anvil. It's fun discovering such a talented writer and reading about your world.

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Thank you so much, Kato! :) WorldAnvil really has some *incredible* stuff to see and read on it :D

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9 Aug, 2021 01:07

Oh, wow! I hope that there can be some hope for the workers! Well done! <3

9 Aug, 2021 17:23

They definitely served as inspiration for other unionization movements! Though the other ones so far have been working slower, to avoid the same fate D:   Thank you! :)

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Oof. Poor work conditions can definitely be a problem, but omg. Extracting ichir from Qur... no than you. That sounds a bit too dangerous. I suppose the adrenaline junkies would flock to take part. It makes sense that this led to an uprising. You describe the details very well and I was eager to read through as the events unfolded. It's sad that the unionized workers failed. Also hold on here, dying on the job and the company keeps the unspent wages. Ooooooh hell no. There needs to be a round two!

13 Aug, 2021 19:22

Yeah... and for a lot of people, it's the only employment that they can find in some places! It's a tough world D:   Thank you for the lovely comment, Dylon :D   And don't worry, these workers definitely got some unrest rippling through the ranks of workers all across the world -- there's more movements starting to get unionization happening!

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3 Oct, 2021 18:24

This is like Greek mythology levels of cruel irony, and that is a complement!

5 Oct, 2021 06:16

Thank you so much! That is certainly a great compliment :D   Ah, the tragedy of a certain few holding absolute power over the many D:

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