Tarran Civil War

Tarran Civil War is an ongoing conflict inside the Tarran Kingdom between the Tarran League and the Tarran Crown Lands. It has already lasted for 20 years, but for the last 16 it is at a stalemate. Both sides occupy positions on both sides of the current border between the League and the Crown Lands. Only small skirmishes happen from time to time, but there are no major moves.


The war has its source in the social situation in the Tarran Kingdom. Inhabitants of the cities and the merchant class demanded more say in the politics of the kingdom and more autonomy. They were given equality with the nobility, but their request of forming a parliament was rejected. As the result, they proclaimed the Tarran League and denounced the King of Tarra as their sovereign.

In the month of Bloom in 1850 AF the civil war began. Hundreds of people armed with pistols and knives marched at the royal castle in the kingdom's capital of Tarrpolis. King ordered the Municipal Guard to stop them, but the guardsmen refused to shoot at civilians. Instead, they joined them. At the castle the Crownguard met them and they didn't hesitate to shoot. It is estimated that about 200 people died that day.

The king thought that the situation is under control, but in the next few days more and more soldiers of the royal army were joining the rebels. On 20th of Bloom 1850 AF, the king, his family, advisors and the crownguard fled Tarrpolis. They found a shelter in the city of Melin in western Tarra, the current capital of the Tarran Crown Lands.

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Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
1850 AF


Tarran Crown Lands

Led by


200.000 + 10.000 in Crownguard




Get and defend independence
Crush the rebellion

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The king fled! We are winning! Freedom and Equality!
— A revolutionary

The War

The first year of the war was the most intense. The League faced a lot of resistance from many royalists. Those were mostly nobles and army generals. During that time, the leaders of the rebellion hoped to take control of the whole country. However, they quickly realized that in the less developed west they didn't have enough supporters. The king kept his grip on that part of the country.

About a year after the beginning of the civil war the east was completely under the League's control. The rebels' focus shifted towards defeating the king and taking control of the west. General Aurelio Carano was tasked with leading the army to the west and capturing Melin.

General Carano failed. After a few victories, the royal army stopped him and pushed back to the east. For a few years, both sides tried to break each others lines, but failed. In 1854 AF the war entered a stalemate in which it is to this day.

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