Tarran Kingdom

The Tarran Kingdom is a country consumed by civil war. The east of the kingdom, including the capital of Tarrpolis, has rebelled against the king and formed the Tarran League, a democratic country. The Royal Family and their supporters were forced to move to the west. The war has been at a stalemate for many years now.

Civil War

Tarran League

The east is the richest and the best-developed part of the kingdom. The plenitude of resources resulted in a lot of trade, both internal and external. This resulted in the merchant class becoming as wealthy and powerful as the nobility. As the result, cities demanded more autonomy. The merchant class didn't want to be lower than nobles anymore. Political equality was granted to them and for some years everything worked well. However, it changed when merchants demanded to form a collective body made up of cities' representatives and nobles who would rule together with the king. The king declined and this is how the civil war began.

Tarran Crown Lands

The west of the kingdom remained loyal to the king. The main reason for this was the lack of resources and the resulting lower level of development compared to the east. While the feudal system was slowly disappearing in the east, it flourished in the west. In the west, the League supporters were executed on town squares for treason. Despite being the weaker side, the Crown Lands and the king are supported by the Church of the Saviour. The reason is that all rulers have their power from the Saviour and any rebellion against them is treated as a rebellion against the Saviour. In reality, however, that support isn't very strong. Priests in the east mostly support the League and the Church sends only a few Touched to the King as support.

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Church and the War

The Church of the Saviour believes that all rulers are anointed by the Saviour. As the result any rebellion against a ruler is considered a sin and a rebellion against the Saviour. That rule, mostly, doesn't apply to countries which are republics. Also when a transition from monarchy to republic goes peacefully and monarch abdicates it also doesn't apply. In the case of the Tarran Kingdom, the rebels were branded sinners by the Church. However, it didn't destroy the Church in the League. Its government proclaimed the new country secular and separated the Church from the state.

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