Tarrpolis was the capital of the Tarran Kingdom and is the current capital of the Tarran League. It is one of the biggest cities in the region and a centre of commerce, industry and science. On the streets of Tarrpolis one can find people and products from every corner of the world. There are Humans, Elves, Gnomes and Dwarves of all cultures and professions.

Tarrpolis shows that our people desire peaceful coexistence with others. From peace, progress is born.
— General Aurelio Carano, Tarran League's Minister of Interior Affairs


The majority of the city's population are Humans of the Tarranoi culture. Other groups include Pedemontians and Lachians. The non-human part of the city's population consists mostly of Elves and Gnomes.

The main social classes of Tarrpolis are workers (lower class), merchants and artisans (middle class), and industrialists and nobles (upper class). The workers are the biggest group among the population and they are what is keeping most of the city running. Without them, the factories would not work, the artisans would not have materials and the upper class would bankrupt.


In the past the city council was made up of the wealthiest inhabitants who chose a mayor from among themselves. Today, the council is chosen in common election by all inhabitants of the city of every social class. It provides equal representation of all classes in the council or, at least, it should provide. In reality, the wealthier have more representation. The poor can't afford big election campaigns and don't gather enough support. When a council is chosen it chooses, from among itself, a mayor. Mayor is responsible for the day-to-day running of the city. Meanwhile, the council is the legislative body which proposes new projects and votes on them.


Tarrpolis was founded in -4000 AE. Back then it was a capital of one of many kingdoms existing in Tarra. Its location at a mouth of a big river made it a natural stop for merchants coming from the interior of the continent. As the result, Tarrpolis quickly became a major trade hub in the region. Local kings used the money trade gave them to create a big army which they used to conquer Tarra.

During the the Falling, Tarrpolis went through a difficult time. More than a half of the city was destroyed and a few hundred thousand people died. The city and country survived only because the king at the time was one of the best kings Tarran Kingdom have ever had. Under his leadership, the city and kingdom were rebuilt and became even stronger than before the Falling.

In 1850 AF Tarrpolis was the site of the events of the Bloody Sixday, which started the Tarran Civil War.


The city is situated in south-east Tarra at the mouth of the river Ain. It is a flat region with plenty of forests and agricultural areas. On the coast there are plenty of beaches, which are a popular tourist spot for both Tarranoi and foreigners.

Founding Date
-4000 AE
Large city
2.5 million
Location under
Owning Organization


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