Cathedral of Tarrpolis

Cathedral of Tarrpolis is the biggest church in the all of the Tarran Kingdom. It best known for its beautiful stained-glass windows presenting scenes from the Saviour's life as well as portraits of Tarran Kings. The most famous part of the decoration is a rose window. In the middle, it has a portrait of the Saviour surrounded by portraits of most important High Bishops. The rest of the rose window is covered in floral and geometric ornaments.

Purpose / Function

Cathedral of Tarrpolis is the seat of the Tarran Diocese of the Church of the Saviour. It is the central place of worship and a centre of the local community.


The cathedral is characterized by a pair of high towers on both sides of the front entrance. The towers are covered with pointy ended roofs. The interior is divided into three naves, one main and two side ones. All three of them are ended with apses.

Founding Date
800 AF
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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Author's Notes

Article written for Mapvember 2021, worldbuilding prompt "A building known for its stained-glass art"

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