Church of the Saviour

Church of the Saviour is one of the biggest religious organizations in Veneficia. It worships the Saviour, a deity said to had saved the world from the Falling, a massive cataclysm which cut Veneficia from other continents of the world.

Divine Origins

The Church traces its origins to the time of the Falling, a massive worldwide disaster which almost brought the end of the world. It was survived only because the Saviour came and saved the world. It is said that the task drained the Saviour's material body of all its energy forcing him to leave for the Celestial Plane. According to legend, he sent a vision to Michael Stern, the future first High Bishop of the Church, through which he was said to send the text of the Codex of the Saviour.

Tenets of Faith

According to the Church, all people are equal in the eyes of the Saviour. However, the reality isn't perfect. In almost every country there are people with more power and wealth than the others.

Codex of the Saviour

Codex of the Saviour is the main holy book of the Church. It is said to had been written by the Saviour after the Falling. It has all of his teaching and rules which the faithful must follow in their lives. There are some people who question the Saviour's authorship of the Codex. However, they are in the minority.

The 5 Rules
  1. You won't worship any gods other than your Saviour
  2. You shall honour thy father and thy mother
  3. You should not commit adultery
  4. You should not steal
  5. You should not kill



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5 AF
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7 May, 2021 18:05

Interesting, it is very much like an alternate reality's version of Christianity! A very well-written article.

7 May, 2021 18:23

Thank you. Any ideas to make it more separate from christianity?

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7 May, 2021 18:36

Hmm, maybe add some extra rules that don't align with what Christianity teaches? That's all I could really suggest, honestly!

11 May, 2021 17:14

Piggy-backing on the remark above, I wouldn't worry too much about it being close to Christianity. The religion itself is pretty straightforward and logical. The Don'ts are things that most people can get behind. Don't kill, don't steal, don't commit adultry. The don't worship any god other than the Savior could be comparable, but the devil is in the details, as they say. For Christianity. depending on the branch, there are various responses to how transgressions are handled. The Sins and their punishments can be just as defining as the Virtues.   ^^ Hope this helps a little. Either way, lovely article.

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Thank you

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