Uniforms of the Touched

As the Touched serve many different roles in the Church of the Saviour, such as agents, guards and diplomats, their uniforms are diverse.



Novices wear simple grey tabards with red linings and brown leather underneath the grey material. It makes them easy to distinguish from the Touched. It symbolizes the separation from their past and dedication to their studies and the Church.

Novice by Hero Forge
Let go of your past and let the Saviour aid you.
— Novices' creed


Touched Regular by Hero Forge

Regulars have slight differences in their uniforms depending on the role they serve in the Church, guard or agent. All of them wear red uniforms with armour in the form of breast and back plates. The armour is made of steel with a decorative silver coating on the chest. On hands they wear leather gloves with cloth wrapped around the hands to prevent sand and dust from getting inside. Additionally, the guards wear Morion helmets. Regulars also have a silver pin with a sun, symbol of the Touched.

That red cloth and silver breastplate commands as much respect, fear and courage as the biggest and the best armies of the world. Faith, courage and strength emanate from the Touched and their uniforms.
— A chronicle about the Regulars


Councilors wear grey uniforms with gold lining. Along the chest downwards goes a piece of red fabric separated by gold lining from the grey material. Around the neck, they have a red and gold collar. From afar it looks like a necklace, but in reality, it is just a fabric decoration. Councilors often wear dress-like clothes, but they also have trousers. Which they wear depends on the situation and their job.

Touched Councilor by Hero Forge
Grey of dignity, red of faith, gold of nobility. The Councilors embody every aspect of the Touched. They are the best of the best.
— A chronicle about the Councilors


Master's uniform is almost the same as the Councilors'. The main differences are the colours. Master has a completely red uniform with gold lining. Additionally, he wears a necklace with a golden medallion. The medallion has a sun on it, the symbol of the Touched.


The exact origins of the uniforms are a mystery. It is said that those are the colours of the Saviour's clothes. Others say that they were chosen arbitrarily by one of the first High Bishops. What is certain is that in the beginning the uniforms were much simpler. Novices used to wear simple grey habits with hoods and the first few Masters had the same uniform as other Councilors.

The Touched used to be much more humble in their clothing. Today they resemble more nobles than servants of the Saviour.
— A cristiscm of the Touched uniforms
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Owning Organization

Additional Protection

The uniforms are enchanted with magic making them invulnerbale to fire, bullets and magic. The enchantment works by absorbing all the energy from the hit. The uniforms can still be damaged by melee weapons, because a blade is able to cut through the enchantment.

Colours and their symbolism


  • religious fervor
  • courage
  • life


  • nobility
  • light


  • balance
  • dignity


  • purity
  • nobility
  • light
  • balance
  • dignity

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