Castello Boia

Castello Boia, or Hangman's Castle, is a castle built in Tarrpolis. Since its construction it had a singular purpose. It served as the main prison of the city. Its grey walls and towers loom over old town as a symbol of the state's authority.


Castello Boia is built like a regular castle. It has four outside walls which create a courtyard in the middle and has four towers at its four corners. The only difference from most castles is that the outside walls don't have defensive capabilities. Instead, they are just buildings and house the cells. Each cell's window is blocked with steel bars. Additionally, prisoners are prevented from escaping by a ditch with metal spikes going around the castle.


The castle was built shortly after the Falling. For a few years it housed also the main court and was the seat of the king. However, the king quickly moved to a new castle built just for him. Courts were also moved out of the castle.

Until the 1750s, the castle was the only prison in Tarrpolis. Everyone from a petty thief to a murderer was put there. In 1752 AF two new prisons were built in the city. One was a debtors' prison and the other was a small prison meant for petty criminals. Those new prisons were meant to lighten the strain on the castle, which from that moment onward is reserved for the most serious offenders.

Founding Date
10 AF
Parent Location
Owning Organization

Famous Prisoners

  • Rodrigo Allio - a famous highwayman who avoided capture for 30 years. Hanged in Castello Boia in 1860 AF
  • Alessandro Balbi - a serial killer. His victims were mostly young women. Hanged in Castello Boia in 1850 AF
  • Giacomo Ferri - killed his wife and children. Doctors diagnosed him as a madman and said that the murder was unavoidable. Hanged in Castello Boia in 1855 AF

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