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Tarranoi are the main cultural group which lived in the Tarran Kingdom and now are living in the Tarran League and the Tarran Crown Lands. They are also present in the south-east part of the Duchy of Flores, a country west of the Tarran Crown Lands.

Coastal Culture

Tarranoi live along the coast of the Tarran Sea, a body of water known also as the Narrow Sea separating the Tarran Kingdom from the Kingdom of Lachia. Living on the coast has influenced their culture greatly.


For many years, whaling has been an important part of the Tarrnoi culture. The Tarran Sea is the main path that whales regularly traverse in the south of Veneficia. During the season of migrations, the ships go out of ports and hunt.

Whaling Day

Whaling Day is the most important holiday to Tarranoi. It marks the beginning of the whaling season. It happens both in spring and autumn when the whales begin their journeys. The Whaling Day is a big celebration in all coastal Tarranoi communities. During it, people drink, eat and dance in the streets. In the past, it involved religious rituals dedicated to the sea goddess Aquastia, but they were abandoned when the Church of the Saviour appeared and Tarranoi converted. Today, it is a folk holiday.

Ancient Religion

Before the Falling, in the Ancient Era, the Tarranoi worshipped a sea deity known as Aquastia. It is said that she was the creator of the seas and all creatures living in them. Tarranoi believed that she was protecting them both on the sea and land. Today, her worship is completely dead as it was replaced by the Church of the Saviour. However, many traditions survived and were adapted to the new religion.


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