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Whaling Guild of Balena

The guild stands on guard of the whaling industry in Balena. Without it, there would be chaos
— Member of the guild

Whaling Guild of Balena controls the whole whaling and related industries in Balena. It makes sure that the standards of production are maintained and the quality of every product is high. Also, all whaling ships' captains who wish to dock and trade in Balena must pass an examination in the guild. However, one can't just come in and take the exam. To be eligible for it, one must serve at least 5 years under a captain who passed it. Next, they need to get that captain's recommendation and present it to the guild. Only then, the guild allows them to take the exam.


The exam has two parts. The first one checks the examinee's ship skills. They need to make basic knots, use the navigation tools and steer a ship. The second part of the exam takes place only if the examinee passes the first one. For it the examinee and the guild's representatives go hunting. Examinee is given command of a small whaling ship and has to catch a whale and get oil from it. However, after catching the whale, the examinee has to get the oil himself. The quality of the oil is the main factor deciding if the examinee passes. If he passes, he receives the title of Master Whaler.


On top of the guild stands a single man with a rank of Grandmaster Whaler, who is elected for a 10-year term by all members of the guild. Beneath him is the rest of the guild. Every member of the guild has the rank of Master Whaler. Due to the nature of the acceptance procedure, the guild has no journeyman rank. All members are equal.

The guild is a cooperative. We all work together towards a common good. Rank differences would only create unhealthy competition between us.
— Member of the guild
Founding Date
Unknwon, in the Ancient Era
Guild, Professional
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