Balena is the second largest city in the Tarran League, right before the country's capital of Tarrpolis. Balena is the centre of the League's whaling industry. It produces about 60% of the country's whale oil.


Majority of the inhabitants are Humans of the Tarranoi culture. The trading nature of the city resulted in some people of other cultures living here. Even Elves from the distant north can be found here.

Industry & Trade

Whaling and whale oil production are the main industries of Balena. When you walk along the city's harbour you can see whaling ship going in and out almost all the time. Barrels of whale oil are transported between ships and factories located along the harbour. It is used in lamp and soap factories. Meanwhile, all the extra oil goes to the markets and is sold for thousands.


Harbour is the most developed part of Balena's infrastructure. The main pier goes along the coast for about 9 km and has many smaller piers going out into the sea. The harbour is always busy.

How's it going, swabbie! Your first whale run finished! Let's celebrate. I know an excellent place on Via dell'Amore. You won't regret it
— An old sailor to a young sailor

Guilds and Factions

The biggest and most important guild in Balena is the whaling guild. It controls the whole industry, both the whalers and the factories using whale oil. The guild makes sure the standards of production are kept and the quality of the products is high. Also, everyone who wants to be a captain of a whaling ship has to pass an exam in the guild. Anyone who doesn't do that is not allowed to dock and trade in Balena. Similar rules are present in almost every coastal city in Tarra.

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Built in the Ancient Era. The exact date in unknown
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