Castello Orribile

Castello Orribile is probably the most haunted place in the whole Tarran Kingdom. Built just over 100 years ago, it was a site of a massacre which left a permanent mark on that place. Today it is a popular place visited by people interested in the paranormal.

Massacre of 1820 AF

The castle was a home of a noble tarranoi family. It wasn't the most wealthy family, just a regular noble family. However, the head of the family had an ambition to rise to importance. He was developing his lands and enlarging his income. Everything was good until he started to become independant from the more powerful noble family in the region. He stopped being aligned with them and had his own opinions. Those opinions were drawing near to his liege's rival. Head of the family invited the liege to his castle. He prepared a dinner and wanted to talk about a new arrangement. However, at the same time his son tried to seduce his liege's daughter and supposedly attempted to rape her. As a result his liege wasn't interested in talking. Instead, he sent weaver assassins. The whole family and all servants were killed.

Castello Orribile. The biggest job in my whole life. We came in the middle of the night. Guards and servants didn't resist much. Most of the family died in their sleep. Only the head of the house woke up and we had to fight him. I killed him with his own gun.
— One of the assassins to his apprentice


According to visitors the air inside the castle is always colder than outside. Most rooms are also very humid. Some people say that those unique temperature and humidity conditions are caused by the presence of ghosts.


Currently, the only inhabitants are said to be ghosts of the noble family which lived in the castle and were killed in it. At night people can see ethereal figures walking accross the rooms. A lot of those ghosts emit sounds like screeching, scratching on furniture and lamenting.

My children! Matteo! Lucia!
— A ghostly mother calling her children

Probably the most scary ghost of all is the one of the last head of the house. He can be found in the master bedroom. The ghost has a sabre in hand, his clothes are torn and there is a bullet hole in his forehead. He alternates between crying and shouting.

Nooo! Oriana, my love! Nooo!
— Last head of the house
1820 AF
Founding Date
1740 AF
Parent Location

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Author's Notes

Article written for Spooktober 2021. Prompt "Ghast"

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