Neia entered Arkona through the eastern gate. It was one of the calmer areas of the city, but also one of the poorest. Neia felt that there was stone paving on the street, but it was covered with mud and water. The smell was telling her that there was a good deal of animal excrements too. Neia put her scarf and hood tighter around her head so it covered her nose. She started to walk faster.

Arkona is the biggest city on Rugia. It is located on the southernmost edge of the peninsula. Its location makes it an ideal place to control the sea ways between Levna and the rest of the continent. In the past it has been a target of repeated invasions by the Tsardom of Levna and the Kingdom of Lachia. However, all of them have been repelled. The latest Lachian invasion took place in the year 1850 AF.

Do you think I got where I am now by playing nice? Nice will get you nowhere in this city
— Kignath Greypike, local merchant


The city is governed by a council made up of 20 wealthiest and most powerful people. To that group belong merchants, pirate captains, industrialists and gang leaders.

The council doesn't have a leader. All its members are equal and decisions are usually unanimous. The ways of getting to that point would often be considered criminal in other places. Bribes, blackmail, extortion and even murder are considered legitimate ways of doing politics.

Lachian fleet is approaching our city! They want to take away our freedom, but we won't let them! Everyone needs to give what they can. Ships, people, weapons!
— Johan Mueller in the Council Chamber, 1850 AF

Guilds and Factions

All of Arkona is divided into areas controlled by different groups. The area of the main square and port is controlled directly by the council and are considered the safest part of the city. Other areas are controlled by gangs or private companies. The wealthiest industrialists own whole districts around their factories in which they built houses and services for their workers.

After being exiled from the Empire, I thought I wouldn't find a place for myself. Then I found Arkona. After some scheming and manipulation, I live like a queen
— Neia Enkian, elf exile
Founding Date
Very long ago, in the Ancient Era
Inhabitant Demonym
Arkonan, Rugian
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