Arkona Fleet

Arkona Fleet is the military branch of the city of Arkona. It was founded 20 years ago, in 1850 AF, as a response to an invasion from the Kingdom of Lachia. When the Lachian Fleet was on its way to the city, Johan Mueller called every captain in Arkona to contribute to the city's defence. In a short time he managed to assemble a fleet of 20 warships and about a 100 smaller ships filled with soldiers. The fleet was successful in defending the city and was later formalized as a military unit. In recognizition of his role in the battle, Johan Mueller was given the rank of Admiral and became the first commander of the Arkona Fleet.

We are Arkonans! We are Rugians! We will defend our city! To battle!
— Johan Mueller before engaging the Lachian Fleet, 1850 AF


Currently, the Arkona Fleet has 30 warships and 10 transport ships. All of them are provided by local merchants and pirates. Their crews are mostly semi-professional and made up of pirates, mercenaries and volunteers. Despite being formalized the fleet still has a feeling of an ad hoc organization.

Founding Date
1850 AF
Military, Navy
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities

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