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Free People of Rugia

It is hard to describe the Free People of Rugia as a whole because it is a very diverse group. The Free People, also known as Rugians, aren't even of one species. Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes can be found among them. As the result, Rugian culture is an amalgamation of different cultures from the whole continent.


Rugia has been settled since before The Falling. During that time it was under the control of the Seccan Khanate, which built cities and infrastructure all over the peninsula. It was a centre of trade and craftsmanship in the Khanate as well as the base of the seccan fleet. It was a melting pot of cultures. After The Falling many forces tried to take control of Rugia. Lachians attempted quite a few naval invasions while Levnans tried to invade by land through a narrow isthmus separating Rugia from Levna. However, all invavsions failed. Rugians have always been proud and brave people. Combined with the variety of cultures and species present it created a unique group that can't be ruled over with an iron fist.

You are in Rugia! Everyone is their own lord here!
— A rugian pirate
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Notable Rugians

  • Johan Mueller - a human pirate captain and member of the council of Arkona, the biggest Rugian city. He is famous for stopping the latest Lachian invavison in 1850 AF.
  • Neia Enkian - an elf noble exiled from her homeland. The exact reason of exile is unknown, but it is said that she attempted a coup.
  • Kignath Greypike - a dwarf merchant and owner of the biggest trade company in Rugia.

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