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Dwarves are a humanoid sapient species characterized by a short height. Their average height is about a half of that of a Human. Most Dwarves live in the mountains and caves. Throughout centuries they they have built huge underground complexes where they live and work. Each such complex, known as virki, is marked on the surface by two stone towers and a gatehouse.

Heritage of the Ancients

Dwarven virki are the only places in Veneficia that weren't affected by The Falling. The most common theory explaining this says that the combination of the dwarven technological mastery and powerful enchantments used to protect virki stopped the disaster. As the result, Dwarves have access to vasts amounts of knowledge about technology and magic from the ancient times. According to scholars who visited virki, Dwarves had things like repeating rifles or steam engine long before the surface-dwellers.

Mountain Kingdoms

Though most Dwarves live underground, their rulers want to control the mountains on the surface. In most cases, it causes conflicts with the surface countries. A good example of this situation can be found in the central mountain range of the continent. Officially, it is divided between countries to the south and north of it. However, in reality it is controled mostly by dwarven rulers.

150 years
Average Height
0,85 m
Average Weight
40 kg
Related Ethnicities

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