Repeating Rifle

Repeating Rifle is the main type of weapon used by most militaries of the world. Its main advantage over the earlier rifles and muskets are the easiness of the loading and the number of shots which can be fired before there is a need to reload the weapon.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The magazine for the rounds (up to 14) is on the underside of the rifle. To load a round and ready the weapon to fire a bolt must be moved backwards allowing a spring under the magazine to move a round up. Then the bolt pushes the round into the barrel. Last step is to lock the bolt by putting its lever into a notch in the rifle. After a shot the bolt is unlocked and moved back to dispense of the used cartridge.


Though firearms existed before the invention of repeating rifles, they changed the battlefields. The ability to reload the weapon faster and having multiple shots before loading a new batch of rounds made riflemen one of the most important formations. Even battle mages have to reckon with repeating rifles.



Repeating Rifle



Reload 14

Type Damage Damage Range
Martial Ranged 1d10 Piercing 200 ft

Cost: 200 gp
Weight: 8lbs/3.5 kg

Item type
Weapon, Ranged
8 lbs/3.5 kg
Barrel: 24 in/609 mm
Total: 43 in/1100 m
Magic, magic. What's so special about it? Does it protect from rifle rounds? Shut up!
— An officer about rifles and magic

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I like the fact that the mages even have to worry about the rifles! I suppose even magic couldn't completely protect a person from a bullet. A great article!

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