Neia Enkian

Madam Neia Enkian

Neia Enkian was born as a member of a noble family in the Empire of Relan, the biggest country of the Elves, as the oldest daughter and second oldest child of an important official in the imperial court. While growing up, Neia spent a lot of time with the children of other officials and even with the heir to the throne.

Court Intrigue

At the age of 20, Neia started to become involved in a number of court intrigues. They were mostly trivial and focused around some embarrassing rumors and practical jokes. However, as the time passed they were becoming more and more serious.

In the year 1859 AF Neia met an ambassador from a neighbouring duchy whose ruler had ambitions of having more land. Neia offered the ambassador to help him get used to the imperial court. They quickly became friends and she even started to support the ambassador in some of his actions. For some time it seemed like the duke wanted to expand peacefully and with the emperor's approval. However, the emperor wasn't willing to make big changes in land ownership among his vassals.

The ambassador was a very charismatic and nice person. For some time my father was even considering making him my husband
— Neia about the ambassador

After a few years of failed diplomatic actions the duke was growing impatient and decided that it was time to seize control of the empire. Neia had to choose between the loyalty to her country and loyalty to her friend. She chose friend.

It just felt good to help a friend. To this day I can't explain why I wanted to betray my country
— Neia about her reasons for treason

The conspiracy to dethrone the emperor was discovered very quickly. Captain of the Imperial Guard noticed some strange night meetings of Neia, the ambassador and few other people and alerted the emperor. All conspirators, including the ambassador, were sentenced to death. Neia was spared, because her father pleaded to the emperor. His position in the court was high enough to have the emperor's ear. Neia's sentence was changed to lifetime banishment. If she ever returned to the empire, she would be killed.

You got a second chance, Neia. Do something good with it. Don't throw your life away
— Neia's father


Journey to Arkona

After the trail Neia was escorted to the empire's border and sent on her way. For some time she didn't know what to do. She didn't know life outside the imperial palace. In a small bag she had food and water for about a month. Later she would have to find something. Luckily, after about 3 weeks she reached a town on the northern edge of Pianura Secca, a big inhospitable steppe. There she found a job and a place to live. She didn't earn much, but it was enough to survive. Neia thought that this would the place she spends the rest of her life. Then, a man travelling through the town told her about Rugia. Neia knew immediately that it was a place for her. The only problem was that the fastest way lead through Pianura Secca and she needed a guide. As most people choose to travel around it, Neia had to go to a seccan camp in her search for a guide. After some persuading she managed to get one and they departed.


When Neia reached Arkona, the biggest rugian city, she decided to use her noble education and found a job as a private teacher for an upper class child. The family gave her also a place to sleep and food. Neia was able to adapt to the new life. Through the child's father she got involved with one of the local gangs. Using the scheming experience from the imperial court, she managed to quickly climb up the ladder. After the gang leader died in mysterious circumstances, Neia took his place and now she lives like a queen.

Mental characteristics

Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Year of Birth
1830 AF 40 Years old
Light blue
Long, blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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