Pedemontians are a culture living mainly in the region of Pedemontis, which is currently divided between the Tarran League and the Tarran Crown Lands. They are most famous for the production of red wine.


Winemaking is one of the most important crafts among the Pedemontian people. As the result, almost every meter of land in the region is covered with vineyards. Pedemontian wine is considered the best in the world and is very expensive.

Wine is everything. Wine is life. Wine is happiness. Wine is good.
— Pedemontian winemaker

Prioll Wine

Prioll Wine is the most famous Pedemontian wine. It is made from the Prioll variety of grapes. It is a variety which grows only in Pedemontis. All attempts of cultivating it in other regions of the world failed. It said that the grapes are adapted specifically to the Pedemontian climate and it is what makes them unique.

Prioll Wine is a sweet red wine. It has a distinct floral aroma and a raspberry flavour.

Prioll, 1865, an excellent vintage
— A waiter in a restaurant in Tarra

Day of the Grape

Day of the Grape is one of the most important Pedemontian holidays. It takes place in the middle of the grape harvest season that is at the turn of the Summer and Harvest's End months. The whole harvest season takes runs from the 30th day of Summer until the 15th day of Harvest's End.

During the Day of the Grape, farmers and winemakers come to towns and cities to sell their products. There are also plenty of wine tastings. The central event during that day is the communal grape stomping. It is a tribute to the old winemaking techniques. A big round ball is put in the town/city square and about 15 people get inside it and stomp the grapes until there is juice. Then the juice is used to make wine, which would be the settlement's communal wine available for free for all inhabitants.

Grape harvest is the best time to visit Pedemontis. Make sure you are there for the Day of the Grape
— Tourist advice
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Pedemontian language is similar to the Tarranoi language. It has the same sounds, letters, similar grammatical structure and almost identical vocabulary, Some Tarranoi scholars say even that the two languages are really just two dialects of one language. On the other hand, Pedemontian scholars say that their language is separate and point out all the differences. Some of those differences are different spellings of words, different pronunciation and slight differences in grammar.

As the vast majority of Pedemontians live under the Tarranoi rule, they are often bilingual. They learn Pedemontian in home and Tarranoi at school. Since the beginning of the Tarran Civil War, schools in the Tarran League's part of Pedemontis have started to teach both languages. However, in the Tarran Crown Lands' part of Pedemontis schools still discriminate against the Pedemontian language.

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