Tarran League Proclamation

The Tarran League's Proclamation of independance was an important milestone in the history of the Tarran Kingdom and all of the Tarranoi people. It's writing and annoucement marked the beginning of the Tarran Civil War.

Historical Details


The proclamation was the result of a growing people's movement in the Tarran Kingdom. For some years prior to the proclamation merchants and other inhabitants of cities in the east of the Kingdom had been demanding more say in the country's politics. The cities wanted more autonomy from the state and merchants wanted to be equal to nobles. This was granted to them and there was peace for some time. However, it wasn't enough for them. They demanded to form a collective body made up of cities' representatives and nobles. The body would rule together with the king. The king declined. Then, the democratic movement wrote the proclamation and announced it publically. The civil war began.

Public Reaction

Majority of the inhabitants of the cities were enthusiastic after learning about the proclamation. They knew that it would end the time when nobles and the king were exploiting them. In the countryside, on the hand, the reaction was much more calm. Due to lack of education most peasants didn't understand what happened and what it would mean for them. Also the situation in the village didn't change much, because the nobles stayed as land owners. The only difference was that most of them lost their titles.

Legal Status

The Proclamation is the most important document in the Tarran League. It consitutes the League as a separate state. The only more important document is the League's consitution.

In the Tarran Crown Lands, on the other hand, the Proclamation is not considered valid. The King and his people see the League as nothing more than common rebels and are determined to crush it.

Statement, Political (Manifesto)
Authoring Date
1850 AF
Signatories (Organizations)

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