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The Zvaarian Revolt

Ah yes, The Zvaarian Revolt. What a bloody mess that was. Lead by Illunpyuh, the revolting population stormed the current kings castle and reformed the old and fake Zvaarian Testimony.
— All knowing Lohrk

The Conflict


Sir Illunpyuh Zvaaria, as the tenth Zvaarian King was to inherit the crown and live by The Zvaarian Testimony just like every other heir of the throne before him. When he, however, got access to the kings private archives, he discovered the origin of this faulty document. Shocked and angry at his ancestors, he decided to tear the entire system down.

He gathered trusted adventurers, close friends and made connections with the underground, yet righteous personalities of his kingdom. By slowly spreading the origin story of the testimony, he founded a small party which later grew 500 fold. Afterfive years of hard training, strategizing and spying he released an open letter to the inhabitants of Zvaaraes, announcing an attack on the capital, ultimately seizing the crown and reforming the lands to former, righteous glory.


Lord Tryllei Zvaaria the Thirds castle, the home of the nineth king, also known as the Forestkings Palace, is like a giant maze to the untrained eye. Fortunately, Sir Illunpyuh knew the layout by heart and could navigate his troops around the many floors, corridors, towers and passages.


The king and his council, along with his close supporters, were either killed or put behind bars. Sir Illunpyuh Zvaaria is currently rewriting the laws of his kingdom and is in the process of electing a trusted council, tending to various political, economical and religious matters.

Historical Significance

In Literature

The Zvaarian Testimony has been released to the public, the old lawbook was burned and a new one is currently being written by Sir Illunpyuh Zvaaria, the tenth king of Zvaaraes.
Conflict Type
Start Date
8th of the First Blessing, 1627
Ending Date
10th of the First Blessing, 1627
Conflict Result
Sir Illunpyuh and his comrades defeated the king and his elders, reforming Zvaaraes.


Illunpyuh Revolts

Led by

Knights of the Forest

Led by


The Illunpyuh Revolts were over 10 000 members strong, most of which were proficient with the blade or the bow, Over a third of them fought with magical powers, a tenth being of the Gold Rank or higher.
The most trusted generals, elders and leaders of the nineth Zvaarian king amount to around 2000 bodies. Around three fourths of the troops are of Gold Rank or above, with a tenth of them surpassing the Fated Rank.


Around 3000 non-magical and 1000 magical fighters gave their lives for their cause and died a heroic death.
Every single fighter either conceited to the forces of Illunpyuh, was captured or killed off.


Storming the kings castle for Sir Illunpyuh to seize his fathers crown and lead Zvaaraes to righteous glory.
Protecting the old traditions of the crown, as well as the current heir of the throne.

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