The Battle in The Valley of The Sun

I suppose if the skirmish never happened Korda wouldn't be what it is today?
The Houses living in the Valley of The Sun flourished there. The ground produced well and there were animals to hunt. The small Houses grew and started interacting with each other. They became friendly and started trading with each other. They could even afford to send their Tradesmen to Houses outside of The Valley. They could even trade with the Dragons from Zarinth.  


In 995RO Monsters started attacking the larger Houses and their villages. A drought also made the fields of these Houses useless. The Houses most affected by this were The Winddawn House and The Windstand House.   The Koring House was doing well, they sold fabrics of very high quality. The Windstand House and the Winddawn House decided that they needed the area that the Koring House had cultivated for hundreds of years.   The Winddawn House and the Windstand House decided to join forces and hired The Order of Monsterthorn. The Wind Houses sent the Order to kill the Elders of the Koring House. They did manage to assassinate the main Elders but a deputy Elder had been away and he hurried back to prepare for battle.   The Koring House was in an uproar, most members had never thought that their neighbors would attack them like this. The Deputy Elder, now the new Elder was not surprised. The Wind Houses had been causing trouble since the problems with their food supplies started. The Wind Houses had not paid their tabs, had been spreading rumors and poisoning animal food. The now dead Elders had already hired The Order of Dorekk.  


The Order of Monsterthorn and the Wind Houses attacked outside of the main village and its field. They did not want to destroy what made the area attractive. Several skirmishes happened across several days and more Houses who also wanted the area joined in. This spread the fights to the fields and the silk mills.   This made the Wind Houses and the Koring House upset. So upset that all three Houses decided to join forces. The three Houses and the two Orders fought off the other Houses & Orders and made an Alliance to protect the area.  


The City that formed after the Alliance is the largest settlement in the world and also has the most diverse culture and species.
Conflict Type
Start Date
Beginning of 997RO
Ending Date
End of 997RO


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